What are in-ear monitors? Any musician would know that the key to a great performance begins with a solid and reliable pair of in-ear monitors. Popularly known as in-ears or earpieces, the best in ear monitor helps musicians hear their songs cleanly and accurately, effectively isolating the audio while sealing off external noise and interference.

What is an in-ear monitor system and what does it do? Technically, the best in-ear monitors allow musicians to do away with bulky stage monitors and use earbuds instead for them to monitor what is happening on stage. In-ear monitors can either be wired or wireless; however, it is more common for a professional musician to use them in a wireless format because of its mobility. In a wireless format, in-ear monitors also work as a wireless microphone system.

How is an in-ear monitor system put together? This question may need an entire article to be explained in full detail, so we’ll just keep it short since the main focus of this article is to feature the best in ear monitors in the market. When an in-ear monitor is connected to a wireless receiver pack that is worn by a performer, the pack receives a mix from a transmitter. Said transmitter is connected to a mixer and the mix can be set or adjusted by the performer or in most cases, by the Monitoring Engineer.

But don’t get this wrong – the best in ear monitors also work great off stage, and can be used while working out, or simply to block off that chatty coworker when you really need to concentrate on your report that you need to submit. Think of the best in ear monitors as advanced earbuds with noise cancelling properties that effectively seal external noise so you can focus on your music, or whatever you’re listening to at the moment. Master musicians, rockers, guitarist and veterans in the music industry know that finding a solid pair of the best in ear monitors is very important to help them discern what they are healing and protect them from hearing loss as well.

Best In Ear Monitors – Tight Fit, Good Purchase

If you are planning to purchase a pair of the best in ear monitors, the first thing you should check is if it has a tight fit on your ears. The tightness of the in ear monitors allows the bud to act as earplugs to block out noise. 

This component of the best in-ear monitors is very important for a touring musician who finds himself exposed to extremely loud music. The quality and design of a generic pair of headphones does not actually provide a comprehensive seal like that of in-ear monitors.

The tight seal of the best in ear monitors also allows a user to have a personalized mix of what they need to hear more clearly. Musicians can input their own mix while on stage – hear their instruments, own vocals, instruments, etc., rather than blasting themselves with sound through wedges on-stage or floor monitors. The best in ear monitors, when properly used, preserve human hearing and support better hearing for sound makers.

Best In-Ear Monitors – Customized or Ready Made?

Amateur musicians dream of having customized in ear monitors because it’s absolutely a useful gear or merchandise to produce music that might give Rolling Stone a run for their money. While custom in ear monitors are preferred by some musicians, you can also actually find a decent pair of the best in ear monitors that can fit your budget, especially if you are still starting out.

In this article, we will be sharing with you a compilation of some of the best in ear monitors in the market, some of which you can use right away without needing to see a specialist. These are some solid pairs that you can shop for online via Amazon.com. You can use the featured best in ear monitors for when you are performing on stage or simply as an upgrade for your current sound drivers.

Best In-Ear Monitors: What to Look For

When shopping for the best in ear monitors, you need to look for a bud that can effectively seal off external noise because this is the secret to getting the best sound accuracy and sound isolation. You also need to make sure that the manufacturer puts in some adjustable tips so that you can find the right size for your ears and get a tight fit.

Make sure that the earbuds stay in place when you put them in – without any sign of wiggling or looseness even when you’re running around or jumping on stage, or simply listening to your favorite tune while out for a light jog in the neighborhood. Performing on stage is quite different from recording on the studio – the former needs to have clarity and isolation to ensure that a musician can deliver the best performance. The best in ear monitors can also be beneficial even off stage; in fact, it can be a valuable partner during travel, so you can enjoy listening to the radio channel, your favorite TV series or YouTube videos without any interruption from the outside world.

Best In-Ear Monitors: Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

What We Like:

  • Consistent sound quality
  • reliable

What We Don’t Like:

  • May be cumbersome if you wear glasses

Shure is known to be one of the most respected manufacturers in the audio industry, known for its reputable influence and contributions to the industry that includes recording equipment, technically -precise microphones used for full-concert set-ups or home podcasts. It’s no surprise that Shure is included in our list for the best in ear monitors.

The best in ear monitors from Shure uses the same personal monitor tech that has been tried and tested by touring professional musicians. This model is lightweight with comfortable earbuds that provide a detailed, crisp sound and a solid bass that support dynamics across all ranges. The Shure SE215-CL is also one of the best in ear monitors because the buds are sensitive enough to pick up the smallest vocal or frequency nuances from the music, making it ideal for users who may want to pick up specific audio cues or simply need to hear a full mix. 

This pair of best in ear monitors from Shure can block and control up to 37dB of ambient noises. If the earbuds are angled slightly, it can direct music more clearly into a user’s ears. Shure SE215-CL includes three sizes of black foam sleeves that smoothly slide over the nozzles to allow a custom fit. The nozzles are flexible enough to be locked in place but also soft enough to make sure that the user won’t have any sign of discomfort while wearing it. There’s also a detachable cable system that allows swapping of cables for wireless or Bluetooth usage.

Best In-Ear Monitors: KZ AS10 Earbuds

What We Like:

  • Decent audio with good contrasts

What We Don’t Like:

  • Bud barrels are larger than standard size
  • May not be ideal for people with small ears

If you are used to seeing global brands like Sennheiser or Shure when sourcing links and canvassing prices for the best in ear monitors, you may find the emerging “Chi-Fi” market to be an interesting discovery. Such is the case with the KZ AS10 earbuds, which has been getting rave feedback in a couple of review blogs and online discussions.

What information do we have about the KZ AS10 earbuds and are they worth the money? When it comes to shopping for the best in ear monitors, the visual components are usually pre-empted with what the components of the gadgets have to offer. In this case, the KZ AS10 is equipped with five balanced armatures that can reproduce the entire frequency spectrum to give out a sound that has much clarity and detail. Data from users reveal that they experienced little to no distortion and the pitch is incredibly pure, especially in differentiating male voice from female voice and for fine tuning instruments.

The bass is consistently loud and has no lags. However, there are times when it may sound a bit flat, so if you are working on an audio project that requires round, rich bass, you may want to consider the other options in our list of best in ear monitors. These earbuds come in silicone tips that offer a decent fit in the ears but if you really want to make sure that you get a right fit, you may want to shop for a pair of expandable and flexible foam tips to achieve that tight seal. This might cost you extra dollars but enjoying optimum sound with a tight fit will be totally worth the fees.

With all the incredible features of the KZ AS10 earbuds, it’s pretty clear why it’s included in our list of the best in ear monitors. The pricing of this pair of best in ear monitors is definitely worth every penny. Another worthy alternative for KZ AS10 is the KZ ZS10 Pro.

Best In-Ear Monitors: Sennheiser EW IEM G4-TWIN

What We Like:

  • 1,680 selectable frequencies

What We Don’t Like:

  • Navigation screen may be intimidating for beginners

Sennheiser is known to be a premium audio equipment provider and the Sennheiser EW IEM G4 Twin is one of their highly lauded products that lands on our list of the best in ear monitors on the market.

The G4-TWIN is a wireless in-ear monitor system that comes with two body pack receivers. It can work as reliable transmitter that looks nice whether it is mounted on a rack or placed on a desk. The best in ear monitors are well-built and portable and the Sennheiser EW IEM G4-TWIN checks all the boxes. You can bring it on the road, for music tours and concerts, without you having to worry about issues pertaining to breaking or cracking.

Sennheiser G4-TWIN is also very versatile and flexible, able to operate up to 61 radio frequencies. Speaking of frequencies, it also offers 1,680 selectable frequencies. With its clear reception and infrared interface, you’ll surely enjoy the fast syncing of the receiver packs.

Some newbies of IEMs may find the gadgets to be a bit intimidating but in reality, once you get the hang of it, navigating through the gadget is pretty easy. With the Sennheiser G4-TWIN, there’s a user friendly menu that is reflected on a screen. Setup and configuration is easy thanks to the user friendly menu. Sennheiser’s best in ear monitors also have a switchable Hi Boost mode and a multi level limited. A user can also scan for open frequencies on the transmitter, allowing an extra quick pairing between the receiver and transmitter. The battery life of the Sennheiser in ear monitors offer 8 hours of playback.

So that concludes our list for the top 3 best in ear monitors in the market. For more information about the featured products, you may visit the official website of each brand.