The KZ ZS10 Pro is marketed as the updated version of the budget hybrid model. Knowledge Zenith has been tagged in numerous reviews as a budget miracle or budget zenith because most, if not all of its products, have been giving a decent performance, giving its users a high class listening experience at the fraction of the price of expensive brands.

The KZ ZS10 Pro model offers a touch of improvement for both design and sound. As expected, there’s another hybrid configuration featuring the combination of 1 Dynamic Driver and 4 Balanced Armature Drivers. Said BA drivers are upgraded versions while the solo dynamic driver is a second generation. KZ ZS10 gives a promising earphone experience, one that gives a dynamic and transparent sound throughout the spectrum.

KZ ZS10 Pro At A Glance

In terms of design, the face plate of the KZ ZS10 has changed and looks more premium that its predecessor. While KZ claims that the product is made from stainless steel, the inner shell looks quite the same.

Meanwhile, the packaging of the KZ ZS10 Pro still comes in a similar white box but now sports a cleaner look. Compared to the package of the ZS10, the KS ZS10 Pro package looks cleaner and a whole lot sleeker, making it seem more expensive than its actual price.

What’s inside the KZ ZS10 box?

Beneath the package, there’s a 2-pin cable and IEMs, along with 4 pairs of silicone ear tips, including the ones that are attached to the IEMs. There is also a short guide or user manual on how to use the microphone on the cable and how to use the earphones.

KZ ZS10 Pro Design and Build

The KZ ZS10 have gotten reviews that it had a fragile appearance that did not really leave a good impression on everybody. Fortunately, the KZ ZS10 Pro has improved its aesthetics with the face plate at the front row of its improvements. Basically, the KZ ZS10 Pro has gotten the perfect combination to offer a premium, high quality look to a budget model.

The build quality of the KZ ZS10 Pro has also significantly improved thanks to the new face plate design. The steel or metal material is a breath of fresh air from low budget IEMs that look really cheap and flimsy because of their plastic build. The inner shell also looks neater and tightly packed as the KZ ZS10 Pro managed to shrink the IEM for a better fit. It is also equipped with a slot protection design to protect the pins from breakage. The KZ ZS10 Pro is available in purple, blue and black.

KZ ZS10 Pro Fit

The fit of an earbud can really be a deal breaker; the price tag becomes irrelevant when the comfort is at stake. No matter how expensive or how affordable an earbud or IEM is, if it feels hard or has some ear pressure or fatigue issues, it’s a sign that it’s not a good fit for you.

So how does the KZ ZS10 Pro fare in terms of fit and comfort? It has a decent fit, meaning, it’s not that breathtaking but it’s also not causing discomfort, which is a big issue especially for people with small ears. The silicone ear tips are doing a great job as well.

In terms of isolation, the KZ ZS10 Pro provides a fair amount for most applications, but it is worth noting that one of the emphasized specification of this product is that it is a hybrid IEM. This information means that the item has a dynamic driver inside and dynamic drivers actually need a small vent or port to provide room for air. As a result, the isolation of the KZ ZS10 Pro takes a small hit compared to gadgets with full BA setups.

On a brighter side, don’t take that information as a negative or weak point of the KZ ZS10 Pro. It is actually expected from a gadget with a hybrid setup. Overall, the fit of the KZ ZS10 Pro is great and even slightly better than the original model. The shell is also smaller than the old one, making for a better fit. However, if you plan to use IEMs for long periods of listening to music, or watching YouTube videos, TV series, podcasts, etc. on your phone or computer, you may want to choose a more compat IEM.

KZ ZS10 Pro Sound

Before delving into the sound quality of the KZ ZS10 Pro, let’s take a trip to memory lane and see how the KS ZS10 fared in the reviews – the ZS10 has a sound that’s full and truly engaging, with a decent sub bass quantity, close sounding and accented mids, intricate treble with a smooth natural finish. The KZ ZS10 was considered to be an energetic IEM with slightly laid back trebles and decent staging performance topped with neutral mids.

Meanwhile, the KZ ZS10 Pro offers an altered and somewhat different kind of sound quality that’s hard to pin. Is it better or worse than the ZS10? Well, it all boils down to the listener’s preferences. The KZ ZS10 Pro sounds more engaged, energetic and treble oriented. The sub bass is still emphasized and the mids maintain its clean and crisp sound.

KZ ZS10 Pro: Chi-Fi vs Hi-Fi

To conclude this KZ ZS10 Pro review, the Pro model is definitely a better and upgraded version of the original ZS10. If you’ve used or are using the ZS10, expect to experience some distinct changes when you shift to the KZ ZS10 Pro – the sound is better, midbass is more emphasized and the treble has more oomph to it. If you prefer a more relaxed sound, the ZS10 is recommended for you. But, if you’re particular with technical stuff like frequency, amplifier, etc., the KZ ZS10 Pro is a good deal. Plus, the KZ ZS10 Pro has been getting reviews that it is better than the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless. Another plus 1 for the Chi-Fi community!