Music in every room, just by changing your light bulbs.

No hubs, no wires, no problems.

Ditch the clunky hubs and messy wires – Twist combines high-quality, adjustable LED lighting and a wireless speaker into a seamless experience that fits every home. Smart home audio is now as simple as changing a light bulb.

With AirPlay, you won’t miss a beat.

We use WiFi to keep your music hi-fi. Apple AirPlay streams reliable, high quality audio straight from any app including iTunes and Spotify. It’s the simplest way to put wireless audio in every room of the house. Now that’s music to your ears.

Why AirPlay over Bluetooth?

We’ve all experienced the Bluetooth blues. Dropped connections, awkward pairing processes, and dead batteries. Forget that noise. AirPlay uses your existing WiFi connection so there’s no pairing, no wires, and no line-of-sight limitations. Just clear, lossless audio anywhere you want it.

Better living through better lighting.

Twist Adapt, our intelligent lighting technology, automatically wakes you up with energizing, white light in the morning and eases you to sleep with calming, yellow light at night. Winding down naturally will help you wake up refreshed. Get ready to rise and shine.

Personalized lighting in the palm of your hand.

Color Temp

Need an extra boost in the morning or have to work late? You can customize your lighting color temperature to fit your mood.


Control your bulbs’ brightness without leaving the couch.


Adjust each bulb individually or create groups by room for quick universal control.

Night Light

Set to night light mode and a soothing purple light can scare away the midnight monsters or guide your way to a late night snack.

Smart for the environment and your home.

Twist LEDs are energy efficient, providing the same light quality as a standard 60-watt bulb while only using 10 watts of energy. Plus, our LEDs are rated to last 12-15 years, so you can forget about them burning out.

No engineering degree required.

If you can change a light bulb, you can Twist - installation is that easy.

  1. Twist

    Twist it into any standard fixture and turn it on. No wires, no problems.

  2. Download

    Download the app and sync your bulbs. You'll be connected in less than a minute.

  3. Enjoy

    Start streaming music from anywhere in your home.