It’s undeniable that kids nowadays are exposed to the advancement of technology, having access to a smartphone, gadget, computer, tablet, and other entertainment-related appliances. Parenting experts still value the importance of free play but the emergence and increased relevance of gadgets at home and school used as tools for learning or education game, parents can only prepare for the safety of their child’s exposure to gadgets. One of the most popular products that experts recommend are earbuds for kids. In this article, we will be sharing a curated list of earbuds for kids that will safekeep the hearing health of young ears while using gadgets during camping, travel, study or entertainment.

You might be wanting to give earbuds for kids as a gift to your little ones or to a friend’s kid or to your nieces or nephews. The thing is, you can’t just give kids any type of hearing accessories or device because listening to sound at a very high volume might pose safety risks to a child’s hearing health.

Before we proceed to our recommended earbuds for kids, let’s discuss some FAQs first:

How Does Noise Cause Hearing Loss?

Loud noise can damage membranes and cells in the cochlea. Listening to loud sounds for an extended period of time or a one-time exposure to extremely loud sounds can cause hearing loss. Continuous listening to loud sounds can overwork the ear cells, causing them to die or become damaged. This is why you really need to let little children use earbuds for kids to reduce the risk of hearing damage and protect their eardrum.

How Much Should You Spend on Kids’ Headphones?

If you intend to shop for earbuds for kids, you can actually choose from a wide range of choices in the market. Just like any other accessories, the prices of earbuds for kids vary from affordable to high-end, depending on the device features and premium materials. When you shop for earbuds for kids, you should always consider the safety feature because no matter how cute or beautiful or affordable a product is, the safety and protection from hearing loss risk is of utmost importance. If you think you’ve already found a great gift idea, try to ask yourself – are there other options? If there are safer options, it would be best to go with that.

What Is Volume Limiting?

Volume limiting is a feature that almost all earbuds for kids have. This feature lets users set the maximum volume output to headphones or earbuds.

What About Radiation Exposure From Bluetooth Earbuds?

Listening to music on the Mp3 or watching favorite TV shows are just some of the relaxation options of kids today. Whether they are lounging in the patio, bedroom or any other nook in the household, earbuds for kids are considered to be a great partner for rest, learning and recreation (with supervision of course). Earbuds for kids come in wired and wireless options, but some parents are quite hesitant with the Bluetooth wireless features because of the radiation.

Actually, medical experts have explained that the amount of radiation that is emitted by Bluetooth headphones is significantly less than what a regular smartphone or cellphone emits. However, there are still medical advocates who believe that letting a child aged below 10 use Bluetooth earbuds for kids is not a good idea because exposure to constant radiation might call for some health risks to the brain.

The Lowdown on Earbuds For Kids

So what’s really the deal with earbuds for kids? Are they a yay or a nay? A research about kid hearing from Kaiser Family Foundation in January 2010 has pointed out that children devote an average of more than 7 hours using entertainment media. That being said, kids using devices and gadgets is really starting to become an acceptable norm, and the only thing that parents or guardians can do is to live with that fact and embrace the new technological development process. Using the right protective gadgets, such as earbuds for kids is a great starting point, to ensure that kids and adolescent are risk free from hearing loss and ear damages. In this article, we aim to guide parents and guardians in choosing the best earbuds for kids, to ensure that the safe hearing levels are imposed as recommended by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Best Earbuds For Kids: Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-A

What We Like:

  • cute designs
  • super affordable

What We Don’t Like:

  • no volume limiting feature

Kids just can’t seem to contain the excitement when receiving earbuds for kids as a gift. Maybe it’s because of the cute designs that are adorable for every gender or maybe they see it as an accessory for their screen time. It’s pretty much how men feel when they shop for sports apparel or how women feel when shopping for furniture, maternity dress, footwear, beauty, hygiene or bathroom products.

There’s no doubt about it, earbuds for kids come in really cute designs just like the Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud. The order volumes of this pair of earbuds for kids in Amazon is really through the roof. The order and shipping of this pair of earbuds for kids is on full blast especially during holiday seasons because the design, price and functionality just shout “giftable”.

However, there’s one glaring drawback with this pair of earbuds for kids from Panasonic – it has no volume limiting feature. This is a bit of bad news for parents or guardians who are looking for earbuds for kids with a volume limiting feature. However, if you think the kid is old enough to be taught how to maintain the healthy volume level or if you can assure constant monitoring or supervision, this pair of earbuds for kids is worth the price of $10. This pair of earbuds for kids also has a Bluetooth version for those who want to enjoy wireless listening.

Best Earbuds For Kids: JVC HAFR37B Marshmallow

What We Like:

  • designed for tiny ears

What We Don’t Like:

  • not recommended for older kids or kids with big ears
  • with volume limiting feature

JVC Marshmallow earbuds for kids are designed for small ears, specifically for nursery aged to toddlers. In terms of comfort, the tips are covered in foam to make a kid’s listening experience fun and easy.

As for the price, this pair of earbuds for kids from JVS has a slightly higher price than the Panasonic ErgoFit. Let kids enjoy listening to their favorite music or animated concert without worrying about the volume played in full blast. As mentioned earlier, medical experts links sound and noises played at high volume levels as one of the leading causes of hearing damage so it’s good to get a pair of earbuds for kids with a volume limiting feature or app.

If you or your kid wants to do away with cords and cable, you can use the JVC Marshmallow for Bluetooth wireless listening. Less stress on your part and more fun for kids. This pair of earbuds for kids and other JVC models are available in Amazon or at Target Corporation or Walmart.

This pair of earbuds for kids have been getting mixed reviews when it comes to the earbuds’ memory foam. Ideally, the memory foam is for sound isolation, but consumers with larger ears, like adults, older kids or adolescents, find the fit to be a bit cumbersome.

Best Earbuds for Kids: VOGUISH Magnetic Youngster’s Earbud

What We Like:

  • can filter out background noise
  • lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • not as mainstream as JVC or Panasonic

MODISH is a well-known manufacturer of all things related to kids. If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds for kids that will give true value for your money, Voguish Magnetic Youngster’s earbuds are a great option.

This pair of earbuds for kids give high quality audio and also has a feature that can filter out exterior, ambient noise.This is great for when a kid is trying to listen to an educational video or needs to focus or study a certain audio piece. VOGUISH magnetic earbuds are also lightweight which means that it can be worn by little ones without feeling any fatigue or pressure on their ears or head. It also uses sound reduction for hearing security, ensuring that the little ones’ hearing health is free from any safety risks and issues. Voguish Magnetic earbuds for kids are also available in different bright colors, a real eye candy for kids!

That concludes our top 4 picks for the best earbuds for kids in the market. You don’t have to be an expert or a master in the audiology field to understand that exposing kids to high level volume of sound or noise may put them at risk for extreme hearing damage. Regardless of the prices and design of earbuds for kids, we recommend that you choose the model that offers premium hearing safety and audio quality.

Best Earbuds For Kids: KURSO Wired Kids Earbuds

If your kid likes to watch videos that have loud sounds like chainsaws or motorcycles, there’s really a need for you to secure a pair of earbuds for kids that have a volume limiting feature to ensure that they are listening to sounds at healthy volume levels.

We’re totally shipping the Kurso Wired earbuds for kids because aside from offering a snug and comfortable fit, it also comes with a microphone so kids can take calls while wearing the earbuds. Of course, we would think that this product is ideal for older kids who know how to navigate smartphones and take or make phone calls.

This pair of earbuds for kids from Kurso comes with a long cord or cable, and we have been getting mixed reviews about it. Some would say that the long cable is really helpful while some would say that it’s cumbersome – if you can relate to the latter, you can choose Bluetooth earbuds for kids so you don’t have to stress yourself with wires and cables.

This pair of earbuds for kids have also been featured in several blog sites because it offers a 60 days cash back guarantee if you or the kid is not satisfied with its performance. That’s true value for your money, right?