The audio industry is swarmed with different brands and models but recently, brands from China are getting the opportunity to be in the spotlight mainly because they are more affordable and still manage delivery of great product performance paired with awesome aesthetics. One contender is the ikko audio from Guangong, China. In this article, we will be sharing with you our review of the performance of Ikko Oh1.

With its small bowtie logo, the Ikko OH1 is the first model of the brand built with anodized aluminum in an alloy housing. It can be considered as a fresh item compared to traditional, universal audio accessories, with an eye-catching faceplate and a hybrid, hammered copper finish. At first glance, it can be clearly seen that the product looks like it is based on a metallic, meteorite theme. If you’ve already done your internet research, you can see that the Ikko OH1 looks like hammered copperware at first glance.

The design and color of the Ikko OH1 is out of this dimension and the performance is also world-class.If you visit the official web page of the manufacturer, you can see some related illustrations and original characters in their main theme, including white foxes that are supposed to symbolize divinity.

Ikko OH1 Design, Fit and Comfort

Let’s start our discussion with design, fit and comfort – the Ikko OH1 is considered to be a hybrid universal monitor with a blue theme that uses a single Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver for treble and upper mids plus a 10mm polymer composite titanium plate dynamic drivers to handle the low frequencies. 

Ikko OH1 has been getting rave reviews highlighting the build quality and impressive machining quality that holds no opportunity for leaking thanks to the seamless features between the alloy housing and the faceplate.

“Originally I am worried about the fit as the lower side of the faceplate seems to stick out quite a bit. Luckily it fits just right and the earphones sit cozily in my ears for long sessions without any discomfort.”

The design of the Ikko OH-1 earphone is thin and low profile, so if you’re looking for a discreet earphone, this is an ideal choice for you. If you’re quite sensitive with the weight of headphones, you might feel a little weight because of the metallic build. However, the sound isolation is decent enough to be used outdoors or in a noisy place and you can also enjoy a better seal with foam ear tips.

Ikko OH1 Cable

When it comes to IEMs, cables are kind of a big deal, so we’re here to give you the lowdown on the Ikko OH1 cable. The stock cable that comes with the packaging measures 1.2m and is plated with silver and terminates with a 2-pin 0.78 mm connector wand. Said connector wand comes in a finishing that matches the color of the metallic part barrels of the main drivers.

The sockets of the Ikko OH1 offer a decent amount of friction for the smooth insertion of cable pins. Testing the sockets of most IEMs is essential because some users have been sharing information in the online community (e.g Reddit, YouTube videos) and other internet exchange forums that some IEMs have very tight sockets that end up damaging the pins if forced out or used in the wrong way. 

The package comes with a cable binder to prevent tangling. The cable has no slider but it hangs on the ears even without one. However, if you would prefer to have a slider on the cable, the Ikko OH1 may not be the best choice for you.

Ikko OH1 Packaging and Accessories

The Ikko OH1 arrives in a neat white box and the specs printed at the back of the box comes in 8 different languages. Although this is a good attempt to get good reviews, we think that it would have been nicer if Ikko actually put in a word of introduction about the sound and design of Ikko OH1. There’s also an envelope where the user guides are kept in place.

When you open the sleeve, you’ll find a black box with 3 compartments and 2 different tips with various sizes. The earphones and detachable cable are wrapped in a pouch, separated from the tips for vocal and balance tuning. The Ikko OH1 fit nicely in the soft pouch but unfortunately, the earpieces scratch against each other when moved around. It’s a good thing that the anodized finish is done right making the color stick to the IEMs without wearing off. However, if given the option, you might have to shop for a better storage case to avoid the frequency level of rubbing or scratching.

Ikko OH1 Sound Impressions

The Ikko OH1 is sensitive to power so it is recommended to use it with stronger outputs for a more controlled and balanced bass performance. A little disclaimer, if the Ikko OH1 is used with weak outputs, you may hear a hollow sound, a sign that it is lacking in bass.

Ikko OH1 Vocal Tips. The V-shaped response of the Ikko OH1 shows its hybrid performance on mid-tier DAPs. Guitars and other stringed instruments may sound narrow and the staging width may also fall on the average level. However, the Ikko OH1 will never be sporting a flat sound or pose a discussion that it is lacking in dynamics. When used with the vocal tips, the Ikko OH1 sounds awesome with relaxing jazz music or instrumentals but ironically, you may observe a significant comparison with its hollow performance for tracks that are focused on vocals.

There is a comfortable but slow bass decay with a slight dip in the mid-lows so some vocals will image a little further back. The OH1 with the vocal tips sound great with instrumentals or relaxing jazz music but maybe slightly hollow in its performance for vocal focused tracks.

So that concludes our in depth review of the Ikko OH1. With a retail price of $139, the Ikko OH1 has a competitive price tag that offers anodized metal housings and above average build quality. 

What We Like: We like the build quality, great clarity and separation of the Ikko OH1

What We Don’t Like: We’re not really sold out with the carrying case that doesn’t keep the earpieces separated. Plus, the upper mids can sound a bit harsh and the U shape is not a fine reference for tuning.

For more information about the product, you can visit the official website of Ikko. This product is available for retail on