FiiO is one of the companies slowly but surely making its way and sealing its mark into the hall of fame of online reviews focused on the Hi-Fi market. The maker of FiiO FH7 entered the IEM market in 2015 as rehashed Dunu earphones. Fast forward to now and FiiO is considered to be one strong competitor when it comes to audio equipment and product models in the in ear monitor niche.

FiiO has years of experience behind them, fine tuning their craft to deliver an innovative and hybrid package. In terms of build, accessories, cable and sound quality, counterparts of the FiiO FH7 pale in comparison.

The FiiO FH5 was considered to be the flamboyant flagship of the product line. However, the FiiO FH7 is deemed as the rising sun of the FiiO selection, featuring high performance 13.66mm beryllium coated dynamic drivers (DD) and a hybrid monitor that combines powerful 4 Knowles balanced armatures.

Aside from having the most number of dynamic drivers in the FiiO product line, the FiiO FH7 model also features changeable sound filters to give a beautiful, premium sound signature. The FiiO FH7 also feature S. Turbo sound tubes that are tuned in an acoustic design to get more performance out of the DD. The design and overall build of the FiiO FH7 is said to be inspired by turbine designs.

FiiO FH7 Build and Housing

The body of the FiiO FH7 is housed in a durable, full metal shell, also known as the TriShell. It’s called such because it has a design that features a 3-point structure that aims to reduce distortion and resonance, producing an output of precise and premium sound quality.

Aside from its rigid body supporter, the FiiO FH7 also has a Hi-Res Audio certification and an improved stock cable which makes it truly worth its price tag and a strong market competitor. The regular price of the FiiO FH7 ventures away from the usual wave of $300 and below but for audiophiles, the price is quite precise in exchange for the hybrid design, comfort, accessories, and balanced sound filters that are included in the box.

FiiO FH7 Accessories and Packaging

If you’ve seen the FiiO FH7 and FH5 with your own eyes, it’s hard not to notice their similarities, starting from their packing. Of course, once you look into the nitty gritty details of the FiiO FH7, you can clearly see that the FH7 provides a more luxurious experience.

The FiiO FH7 also comes with an impressive number of ear tips at your perusal, 15 ear tips to be exact. This is good news for consumers who are having a hard time getting comfortable with the stock ear tips from a headphone. If you are quite finicky when it comes to ear tips, this is a sign that the FiiO FH7 might be a great product for you.

The carry case of the FiiO FH7 is made of synthetic leather with a color of smart peacock blue similar to that of deep blue water waves. Just a disclaimer, the carrying case of the FiiO FH7 is not purely made of hard material, it’s actually a semi-hard case with a magnetic clasp and velveteen lining that provides enough room for protection.

The case also includes a housing for the sound filter system of the FiiO FH7, with color-coded, screw-on dampeners at the nozzles to help you fine tune frequencies at your beck and call.


FiiO FH7 Build Quality and Design

It’s common nature for consumers to filter their choices and purchases based on the physical build and design of a product. Of course, seeing videos or TV ads of a product may help in making the purchasing decision, but consumers tend to get swayed by the waves of real consumer reviews. That being said, the FiiO FH7 has no problem in terms of marketing – in fact, it is a strong player in its own niche, and the market demand for this product is just a sign that it is being well-received by consumers. 

Basically, the FiiO FH7 can be likened to a glorified, updated version of the FH5 – at first glance. However, when you put the two products side by side, they are actually as different as a computer and a TV.

Physically, the FiiO FH7 is built with the same aerospace grade CNC machine magnesium-aluminum alloy that screams nothing short of impressive. Unlike the FH5’s poor fit, the shell of the FiiO FH7 are now made to fit more drivers and the nozzles are already longer – the company’s heed to the call and clamor of consumers.

The faceplate of the FiiO FH7 features a water wave motif which gives an impression of 7u8o9i8u..89u.dominance and ferocity (or so what their marketing is trying to convey). Conclusively, the FiiO FH7 design is actually captivating and striking, decked out in a classic and sophisticated color combination of black and gold.

The lifespan of an electronic equipment depends on the frequency of usage. FiiO takes that into consideration and has built the FiiO FH7 with sturdy and durable materials that can withstand daily usage and wear and tear.

FiiO FH7 Cable

If you are particular with the stock cable that comes with an electronic device, you would be pleased to know that the stock cable for the FiiO FH7 is the LC-3.5C, a single ended 3.5mm version of LC-4.4C. The cable is made of silver-plated copper that offers premium sound properties and decent ergonomics.

The FiiO FH7 cable is flexible and soft to the hands. However, there is one tiny drawback with the cable and that is the tendency for the braid to get loosened in some places. However, when it comes to sound, the cable of the FiiO FH7 does not disappoint producing a tighter and more controlled bass while the treble is less grainy and crackly.

However, if you feel the itch to upgrade the FiiO FH7 stock cable, and trust us, there will come a time when you will certainly be wanting an upgrade, we recommend the LC-4.4D (which is available on Amazon). You can enjoy a bigger soundstage and better accuracy in terms of acoustic imaging.

FiiO FH7 Isolation, Fit and Comfort

A little disclaimer once again – FiiO products are not really as small or tiny as regular or traditional headphones. They are actually pretty big and bulky metal objects that may seem to be intimidating at first sight. However, loyal users of FiiO products have tried and tested the gadgets and swear by how comfortable they feel albeit its bulky exterior. The FiiO FH7 is slightly bigger than the FH5 but it still provides the same sleek comfort with the contours gently caressing the inner ears of its users without causing any pain, pressure  or fatigue. Since the FiiO FH7 is mostly made of metal, it has the tendency to be bulky and you need to have the right ear tips for it to sit in your ear and be sealed properly.

Making sure that the FiiO FH7 sits in your ear properly is the first and vital step to enjoy premium, high quality sound. We recommend the double flange ear tips to provide a secure and safe seal. The comfort provided by the FiiO FH7 is not really like putting cotton balls in your ears, but it would be safe to say that ear tips are soft like foam or cushion which is pretty good enough.

In terms of isolation, the FiiO FH7 might be a bit disappointing especially to users who value sound isolation a lot. The two vents on each FiiO FH7 earpiece may be the culprit to the sub par isolation. The manufacturer has already aired their side on this issue, explaining that they placed the two ear vents on each earpiece in an attempt to relieve or reduce air pressure buildup in the eardrums which is expected to provide better listening comfort. Unfortunately, it compromised the sound isolation of the FiiO FH7.

If you are planning to use the FiiO FH7 to the gym or your daily commutes, you may want to take a raincheck (or another gadget with better noise isolation) because you will most certainly pick up distracting noises that will hamper your overall listening experience.

FiiO FH7 Sound Quality

If you’re not a techie geek, coursing through the technical specifications of the FiiO FH7 may seem to be Chinese characters to you. To make it easier for you, the FiiO FH7 comes with three filters to help you fine tune the sound frequencies so you can arrive at your preferred sound signature. The numerous ear tips that come along the FiiO FH7 package also help in achieving that perfect signature sound. The opportunity to change to your preferred cable is also a bonus, giving you plenty of chances to come up with the sound quality that’s truly ideal for you.

Speaking of sound signature, the overall sound signature of the FiiO FH7 has balanced, equal emphasis on treble, mids and bass. The treble is clean and grainless, the mids are focused on detail sparkled with a tinge of brightness while the bass has a punchy yet powerful slam that just gives the right oomph.

FiiO FH7 Listening Conditions

Thanks to the beryllium components of the FiiO FH7, consumers get a premium, luxurious sound quality that perfectly compliments any listening condition. It’s safe to say that the FiiO FH7 is one of the most expansive in-ear monitor (IEM) in the market that offers more than decent depth and width. Vocals and instruments flawlessly diffuse and merge as one, giving listeners a perfect combination of realistic yet ethereal sound output. Getting yourself a pair of FiiO FH7 is like getting a Christmas present for yourself – it’s like a magical cardboard box that keeps on giving.

FiiO FH7 – Is It Worth The Asking Price?

Realistically speaking, the FiiO FH7 price range is not so accessible for everyone. In fact, there are budget-fi gadgets that can be bought for $100 and below. However, for its $300 asking price, the FiiO FH7 is worth it, considering that some high-end, luxurious models will set you off at around $1000.

The FiiO FH7 does not really come with Bluetooth but you can purchase Bluetooth cables or dongles to transform it into Bluetooth enabled gadgets. We recommend the FiiO BTR3 adapter to make the FiiO FH7 Bluetooth enabled.

So that concludes our in-depth review of the FiiO FH7. For more information about the FiiO FH7 and its counterparts, you can check out the official website of FiiO. If you’re already drooling for the FiiO FH7 and want to get your hands on these hybrid pipes, you can purchase through their official website or Amazon.

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