The innovation, updates and development of technology for the past decades have been unstoppable – more and more gadgets and devices are getting smarter and intricate while also getting more compact, portable and smaller. However, there are also products that get bulkier and heavier as the technology they offer get more advanced; such is the case with some smartphones and digital audio players (DAPs). Fortunately, the FiiO BTR3 is one of the products in the market that offer two great features in one – it works as an amplifier and a Bluetooth receiver, making a consumer’s bag of wireless devices a bit lighter. In this article, we will be highlighting the premium features of the FiiO BTR3 and how it fared in online reviews and discussion.

The FiiO BTR3 weighs 25g and its size is approximately the size of a thumb. Many consumers are dreaming of an easy and comfortable portable setup, and the FiiO BTR3 provides a lightweight solution for an easy user experience. This brand can easily be carried around just like the BTR3 earphones and remain active while the smartphone/DAP stands by.

FiiO BTR3 Secondary Functions

Aside from being a charming little device, the FiiO BTR3 also has premium secondary functions. It can receive calls with Qualcomm cVc noise cancellation technology and it can also convert computer and car speakers to Bluetooth receivers.

The FiiO BTR3 can seamlessly play music through wireless support from any Bluetooth enabled DAP or smartphone. The FiiO BTR3 can also be used as an external digital-to-analog-converter or DAC for your computer or laptop, improving the sound quality thanks to the dedicated AK4376A DAC chip.

FiiO BTR3 High Fidelity

The FiiO BTR3 also features Hi-Fi audio quality and supports a wide range of wireless audio codecs – from the high resolution audio capable LDAC, vanilla SBC, to CD-quality aptX. If before, consumers used to be happy and satisfied with a Bluetooth setup with a mediocre sound as long as it’s not choppy, now with the FiiO BTR3 amplifier, users can enjoy a Bluetooth amp that offers high fidelity sound.

FiiO BTR3 Packaging and Accessories

Consumers not only look at the quality, price, hardware, firmware and features of phones, headphones and other gadgets; they also look at the packaging and accessories that come along with the product. Competing devices even try to get an edge with their product by taking extra steps in making their packaging look edgy, slick and sophisticated. However, if you’re expecting that the packaging of the FiiO BTR3 is edgy and millennial-like, you might be disappointed because it actually just has a basic packaging.

If you order the FiiO BTR3 and have it shipped anywhere in the US, you can expect to receive a cardboard box with a photo of the BTR3 printed on it. Upon opening the package, you get the amplifier, a product lanyard, USB to USB C cable for the external DAC function (jack) or for charging, a quickstart information guide and a warranty page.

FiiO BTR3 Design and Build Quality

The design of the FiiO BTR3 is borderline basic and edgy at the same time. At first glance, the FiiO BTR3 is classy and practical with a monolithic shape and draped in glossy, jet black color.

The visual aesthetic of the FiiO BTR3 screams basic and timeless, which is quite a good thing because the more simple and basic a device is, the more critic-proof it is. It has a sand-blasted shirt clip and features FiiO logos at the back and front. Since it is glossy, it’s quite hard to control hand or fingerprint smudges getting on the glass surface. The glass and metal (aluminum) structure of the FiiO BTR3 gets the nods of critics, especially since it so flawlessly balances the great strength and build without compromising the lightweight structure. The price of this gadget is definitely worth its price tag.

FiiO BTR3 Pairing and Connectivity

Bluetooth is considered to be an indispensable technology because most of the hands-free version and features of gadgets (smartphone, tablet, iOs, Android, etc)  that support wireless calls is powered by Bluetooth. That being said, FiiO BTR3 is really a great inclusion in the BT group.

The quickstart guide of the FiiO BTR3 comes in 200 languages so you won’t really need the Google App to go and figure things out. Pairing and connecting the FiiO BTR3 is easy – if you turn it on for the first time, the device automatically gives out a signal and goes into automatic pairing mode. The LED light of the FiiO BTR3 logo flashes red and blue once it is in pairing mode.

Everytime the FiiO BTR3 turns on, it will automatically pair with the last used gadget or device. If you want to make another wireless connection to another device, you just need to press the “a” button for 5 seconds to re-activate the pairing mode.

FiiO BTR3 Battery Life and Functionality

Another thing that we always need to consider in a wireless or hands-free device is its battery life. Some wireless gadgets have a short battery life in exchange for hands-free control; this is a sign that a gadget is not that good of a product. With the FiiO BTR3, you don’t need to choose between functionality and battery life.

The Qualcomm chip of the FiiO BTR3 can transmit 24 bits of audio information and offers the widest audio codec support. The FiiO BTR3 also has a smart color coding feature on the front logo that displays the codec used. Users can also choose the audio output whether they want to prioritize sound quality, performance or somewhere in between.

FiiO BTR3 Battery Sound Quality

Audiophiles just love the sound quality of the FiiO BTR3, whether it’s used for headphone, smartphone or computer. Thanks to this gadget, users can enjoy Hi-Fi music without needing to lug around a heavy smartphone or having to deal with annoying cables.

Not lugging the heavy smartphone or DAP around while I listen to hi-res music has been a hitherto unknown pleasure. The BTR3 has enough juice for a rip-roaring party for one, with all my in-ear monitors (IEMs) tested sounding sufficiently good. Best of all, the noise floor is astoundingly low with no hiss detected with them.

If you are particular with the quality of your microphone and headphone, you can rely on FiiO BTR3 to give you crystal clear sounds from your mic and FiiO headphones (or any headphone brand, actually), as clear as the Southwestern Bell or something like that – you get the picture. You can also fiddle with the volume as much as you’d like, as the FiiO BTR3 can still stand strong and produce clear, quality audio even if it’s played in high volumes.

If you are already falling head over heels with the FiiO BTR3, you can start saving up for it or if you’ve got $79.99 in your hand, you can get this through AliExpress, Amazon or FiiO’s official website.