If you’re a techie geek, you may have heard of the brand FiiO. The brand has constantly been innovating its range of product and model to give consumers a wide range of premium and hybrid choices. From IEM cases, digital audio players (DAP), in ear monitors (IEM) and portable amplifiers, FiiO has an offering for each. Everytime this brand releases a new offering, it seems  to get better and better, bringing in more customer satisfaction than before. The FiiO FA7 is one of the flagship product that carries the brand’s balanced armature.

Several reviews have put the FiiO FA7 in comparison with the FH5 but with a closer look, each is actually considered as a premium product from the same brand. They are different when it comes to build, sound, audio drivers, in-house technologies and design.

FiiO FA7 – Hero in a Resin Shell

What makes FiiO FA7, or FiiO brand for that matter, different from the rest of the players in the CIEM community is that it offers a lot of premium features that no other company or brand can. Plus, add to that the fact that consumers can enjoy all these hybrid features while still saving some money compared to the high-end brands with a hefty price tag.

FiiO FA7 offers a really good deal, featuring four Knowles BAs – 2 treble, 1 mid and 1 bass, all configured with a four way crossover and housed in a medical grade, 3D printed resin shell. This dynamic design practically shouts customized IEM experience and as seen in reviews and discussions in online forums, the FiiO 7 clearly does not disappoint.

Thanks to to 4-way crossover that serves as a tool for producing exquisite sound quality, the FiiO FA7 opens the door for the 4-drivers to work harmoniously together and produce an explosive high-quality sound. The audio output of the FiiO FA7 tickles the ears of both audiophiles and casual listeners, thanks to its highly-detailed treble, dynamic bass and crystal clear vocals. It also offers a surprisingly good soundstage, which is uncommon for an IEM. The overall performance of the FiiO FA7 will have listeners wanting to use the gadget for hours without getting tired or feeling any kind of pressure in the ears.

If you’re planning to purchase the FiiO FA7 for yourself or for a loved one, you can get it for $299,99 via Amazon or on FiiO’s official website. Of course, you need to be prepared to spend more when you see the wide range of selection from the brand. The available colors of the FiiO FA7 comes in red or deep blue with smoke shells or clear shells.

FiiO FA7 Accessories and Packaging

Unboxing a package is really exciting as a customer, and if you are planning to purchase the FiiO FA7 and you have purchased the FH5, you might feel some sort of deja vu. A little disclaimer, the packaging of the FH5 and the FiiO FA7 is almost identical – yes, while both of the products are considered to be hybrid and unique items, their external packaging is quite difficult to tell apart.

The FiiO FA7 comes in a black box with just a different artwork design as a print job. Inside the package are the ff. items: a cleaning tool, a cloth pouch, 3.5 mm cable and a brilliant case. If there’s any difference with the FA7 and FH5, it would have to be the ear tips.

The FiiO FA7 comes with 3 sets of silicone ear tips available in small to large sizes that can accommodate balanced, vocal centric and heavy bass sound.

FiiO FA7 Build Quality & Design

The abstract design of the FiiO FA7 seems to be anchored on nature, with a design that paints a picture of how dynamic and transparent nature is. In short, the design is really pleasing to the eye and consumers do not need a heavy shot of convincing for them to appreciate the external design of the FA7.

As for the material and overall build, FiiO FA7 boasts the 3D printing technology, a feature that not all products in the same category and price range offer. The earpieces of the FiiO FA7 are patterned from the skin friendly, high transparency resin from Germany and they also come with an EU IIA medical device certification. How cool is that?

If you are one to constantly monitor your device and are not a fan of discoloration, the FiiO FA7 is a great choice for you. With this product, you don’t need to contact customer service and have an exchange of items because the resin material of the FA7 is resistant to discoloration. Plus, FiiO FA7 is also marketed to be antimicrobial, perfect for consumers who are really very particular when it comes to ear hygiene. This means that the FiiO FA7 can maintain its transparent and clean looks for many years. Of course, we need to put a disclaimer that it will last that way if it’s taken good care of and maintained properly.

FiiO FA7 also steps away from the traditional way of producing IEMs with the process of 3D printing. Thanks to this process, the company produces IEMs that are not only pleasant to wear but also offers optimized sound quality through the shell resin design.

FiiO FA7 Cable Quality

When it comes to buying a headphone, one of the qualities that are always in question is the toughness of the cable. Thankfully, the cable of this headphone from FiiO is pretty tough, which makes it harder for the competition to zoom in. The stock cable of the FiiO FA7 is again identical to the FH5 that features a copper cable that is sheathed in a monocrystalline, silver-plated double barreled design.

The attention to detail and build quality of the FiiO FA7 are quite impeccable for an earphone, though the cable handles have been getting some feedback that it is quite on the heavy side. However, when you weigh in the toughness and sturdiness of the connectors, it’s easy to overlook the slightly heavy build of this earphone.

Another great thing about the cable of the FiiO FA7 is that it does not only focus on being durable – it is also designed to produce audio and bass that sounds absolutely better than other stock cables available in the market.

FiiO FA7 – Comfort, Isolation, Fit

Some other things to consider when shopping for an earphone is its fit, isolation and comfort. When you are in a long haul flight, or watching your favorite TV series or your favorite video on the monitor, you’ll realize how important fit and comfort is. The FiiO FA7 fares pretty well when it comes to fit, isolation and comfort.

The hybrid compact shell design of the FiiO FA7 makes it easy for the earphones to slide right in and fit snugly and can be inserted all the way into the ear canals. Users can even lie on their side without any report of pressure, pain or ear fatigue. The techniques invested by FiiO are a sign that companies are really aiming to produce gadgets that provide great quality and service that’s incredibly satisfying for consumers. The long nozzles of the FiiO FA7 ear tips also provide a great seal for isolation.

Thanks to its drivers and updated design, the FiiO FA7 can easily isolate up to 80-90% outside noise. Of course, this is provided that users use the double-flange ear tips and place it deep in the ear canal.

The process of searching for the best earphone can be quite overwhelming and we hope that this article has helped shed light on one of the best and highly recommended IEMs in the market. If you want to purchase the FiiO FA7, you can easily get a pair on Amazon or through FiiO’s official website for easy access to shipping and customer service.

FiiO FA7 – A Cut Above The Rest

While it would be quite easy to pinpoint that FiiO FA7 and FH5 have pretty much the same design, build and functions (connectors, foam, metal material, etc), the former has its own set of features that makes it a cut above the rest.

To put it simply, the FiiO FA7 can be considered as a hybrid and upgraded version of the FH5. When it comes to sound quality, the FiiO FA7 signature sound is warmer compared to the FH5. If compared with other premium brands, like Sony, FiiO FA7 can also compete head to head, but of course, you can expect that each will have their own signature sound that specific consumers like.

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