The BGVP DMG may just be a jumble of consonants for non-audiophiles but it is actually a hybrid dual driver/four armature IEM. This article will serve as a review of this strange yet powerful hybrid, dynamic headphone.

The BGVP DMG may just be a jumble of consonants for non-audiophiles but it is actually a hybrid dual driver/four armature IEM. This article will serve as a review of this strange yet powerful hybrid, dynamic headphone.

Getting to Know the BGVP DMG

If you have tried to look into the brand history or background of the BGVP DMG and failed, then you are one of the many other curious consumers that tried to search about the brand. The available information about the BGVP DMG is that it is from Guangdong, China and only available mostly through Eastern retailers. The BGVP DMG IEM can also be purchased through the usual online retail channels such as Aliexpress, Taobao and

As a company, BGVP produces a comprehensive range of hybrid IEMs and a pair of dynamic earphones. In this article, we will be sharing with you a hidden gem of consumer electronics, the BGVP DMG.

BGVP DMG: Design and Quality

Are you familiar with the trend involving aluminum-made IEMs? If you are, then you’d be pleased to know that the BGVP DMG is also made of aluminum. To be more specific, the shell of the BGVP DMG is made of magnesium aluminum alloy that makes the product a great combination of being light and sturdy at the same time. The finishing of the product is quite luxurious, milled with CNC, polished, sandblasted and carved to perfection.

In terms of overall design, the BGVP DMG does not fall behind, looking sleek and stylish in its black, blue or red version. Some individuals treat their IEMs like accessories, especially for women, so it would be nice to have a sophisticated looking device.

The build quality of the BGVP DMG is gold – it feels smooth and sturdy with its metal nozzle, but the good thing is it is actually replaceable just like the RHA IEMs. With that feature, you can actually control the sound signature of the IEM by swapping or replacing the filter. There are three sound tubes available:

Black: original, balanced sound
Gold: low frequency, enhanced for bass
Silver: high frequency, enhanced for highs

The sound tubes of the BGVP DMG are well-made and showcased in a nice metal plate. The cable is made of 5N crystal copper with silver plated wire. The cable comes in white or black but it doesn’t transmit much microphonics. Depending on the version, you can opt to get one with a microphone or not.

BGVP DMG: What’s Inside The Box

Is BGVP DMG worth the hype for its price and promotion? At first glance, the BGVP DMG is packaged in a small, basic box. As mentioned earlier, a specific version is sold with a microphone and there’s also one that doesn’t. On the box, you can check if the mic or no mic box is ticked.

Inside the BGVP DMG box are the ff: six pairs of silicone ear tips, comply foam tips, 3.5mm MMCX silver-coated, copper cable, 3 sets of filter for customizable audio, and a set of earmounts. Unfortunately, there is no pouch or case included in the kit, but this is a minimal snag that can be overlooked. Losing these kinds of devices is easy because of their small size, so you better make sure that you make an extra effort to safekeep the BGVP DMG.

BGVP DMG Additional Accessories

Spending money on IEMs is a relative; whether it’s a need or a recreational hobby, the BGVP DMG has some extra accessories that makes its cost more worth it. On its official website, BGVP is offering one after market cable in the form of a 6N plated copper silver cable. The plugs are made of metal and the MMCX pins look really premium.

BGVP DMG: Comfort

There’s no secret to getting the right ear tips for your ears, you really have to go through some trial and error to hit the gold jackpot. Once you get the right fit, expect to have a seamless listening experience with the BGVP DMG.

Since the BGVP DMG has a semi CIEM design, it covers most of the ears once it is plugged, lessening the risks of it falling out of your ear. The cable may seem to be under the influence of metal and other expensive alloys but don’t take it as a sign that the gadget is heavy; it is really lightweight and effectively protects your ears from microphonics.

BGVP DMG Isolation

When used at the office or in the streets, the BGVP DMG has no problem or issues when it comes to handling isolation. However, when it is used in loud environments (e.g train station, amphitheater, etc.), they can’t filter most of the sounds and loud noise. The poor noise isolation may be attributed to the vent holes of the dynamic drivers of the BGVP DMG or it may also be because of its case that acts as a resonating metal box.

BGVP DMG – The Power of Double Dynamic Drivers

If we look at its double dynamic drivers, the BGVP DMG is amazing in its own right. It is worth its price, living up to the definition of true hybrid design with 4x balanced drivers and 2x dynamic drivers.

The BGVP DMG is quite unique and it would be a bit futile to put it in comparison with other IEMs which actually don’t bear the unique features of this hybrid IEM. The BGVP DMG thrives on its double dynamic driver which is achieved using a double-moving coil driver constructed with an N52 magnet, titanium plated dome, composite diaphragm and a CCAV ring. If you find it a bit hard to picture out, there are YouTube videos available for you to see what we are talking about.

The way the BGVP DMG is constructed reminds us of the passive radiator installed in modern speakers in KEF systems or Bose Soundlink. If set up correctly, the audio will really sound God-like with very rich bass, which is really impressive considering that it is emitted from a very small package.

BGVP DMG Double Armatures

This gadget is powered with double-balanced armature units used for Ultra High, Mids and Highs. BGVP has developed a unique 4-way frequency filter to ensure that listeners can enjoy a full and perfectly balanced sound that’s truly worth the money.