There’s no existing one-size-fits all headphones or earbuds. If you have small ears, there is a big chance that you have been having some difficulty finding the perfect earbuds for small ears. While there are literally hundreds or thousands of choices for audio buds or ear buds, finding the best earbuds for small ears can be tricky.

There are a lot of in-ear headphones claiming to be comfortable earbuds for small ears, but once people with small ears actually use them, the item brings pain and pressure to the ears after quite some time. The listening experience of a wearer is at stake here, hence, we really understand the need to come up with a comprehensive list of earbuds for small ears that has been tried and tested by people with small ears themselves. The key to choosing the best earbuds for small ears is to not to judge by how small the earbuds appear to be but instead, check that the earbuds are small enough but don’t end up not touching the ear canal, because that would also be painful and uncomfortable.

In this article, we’ve come up with a curated list that will make your selection for earbuds for small ears easier. We’ve based this list through market reviews and rankings to give you vital information you need to score the best earbuds for small ears.


Best Earbuds for Small Ears: SoundPEATS Bluetooth Earphones

What We Like:

  • long battery life
  • IPX6 rating
  • can compete with Jaybird and Bose SoundSport in terms of sound quality

What We Don’t Like:

  • bass heavy songs tend to sound a bit muddy

One of the earbuds for small ears that has been getting high ratings from users is the SoundPEATS Bluetooth earphones. Available in 2 colors, these earbuds for small ears have 10mm drivers with AptX support for high-end sound quality. In terms of battery life, this pair of earbuds for small ears from SoundPEATS have an impressive 13 hour playback time and users can enjoy a full charge in just 2 hours.

If you’re looking for tough earbuds for small ears, the SoundPEATS Bluetooth earphones are an ideal choice because the brand has an IPX6 water-resistance or waterproof rating. Plus, the item also has a magnetic clasp to give a user more convenience as the clasp prevents the cable from tangling. A friendly advice though, while the SoundPEATS are tagged as earbuds for small ears, the radius of the buds may still end up being a little too bulky for people with really small ears. 

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Jaybird X4

What We Like:

  • IPX 7 rating, higher than SoundPEATS
  • ideal for workouts

What We Don’t Like:

  • shorter battery life than SoundPEATS

When it comes to workout headphones, Jaybird is one of the popular music brand in the market. If you are a health and fitness advocate and find yourself needing devices that can keep up with your active life, the Jaybird X4 is an ideal choice. Plus, it is also one of the popular choices as earbuds for small ears.

This pair of earbuds for small ears from Jaybird also has customizable ear and wingtips. If you are a user who loves gadgets that are comfortable regardless of what size the ears are, the Jaybird X4 is an ideal option that’s worth the price.

When it comes to earbuds, whether they are earbuds for small ears or large ears, the battery life may sometimes be considered as a deal breaker. The Jaybird X4 offers 8-hour battery life, a bit shorter than that of SoundPEATS but don’t get turned off right away because this model compensated for its shorter battery life with a higher IPX rating at IPX7. Aside from being water resistant, the Jaybird X4 also has a customizable EQ so that users can tweak the sound depending on their auditory preferences.

Another product that we recommend for small ears is the Jaybird Freedom 2, specifically designed for fitness and music lovers.


Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Klipsch X11i In-Ear Headphones

What We Like:

  • comes with a handy carry case

What We Don’t Like:

  • cable noise

Klipsch Audio Technologies offer high quality audio devices that are notorious for getting rave reviews. The Klipsch X11i is no exception, featuring earbuds for small ears that are offered at a competitive price. At a glance, the Klipsch X11 looks like tubular ear pieces and if you study the design of the earbuds, you would discover that it is sturdy and lightweight.

If you are a music expert or an audiophile, you would really appreciate this earbuds for small ears from Klipsch because the sound it produces is very detailed and revealing, which is quite surprising for such a small sized gadget. The secret to the high quality audio benefits lie in the slim driver housings that are shaped like a cylindrical tube. While some earbuds for small ears are entirely made of plastic, the Klipsch X11 earbuds for small ears are made of aluminum metal and plastic.

Another deal breaker of earbuds for small ears are the eartips; if they are too big or too small, it would cause an uncomfortable fit and might even affect the sound quality transmission that the device is supposed to offer. Fortunately, the Klipsch X11 offers proprietary ear tips that are designed to sit comfortably in the ear despite its size.

The cable of this earbuds for small ears may be thin but it is actually sturdy and reinforced with Kevlar, so it’s not that easy to break. The gadget also comes with inline control features that are also compatible with Apple products. If you are concerned that the cable might weigh down the earbuds, don’t fret because it doesn’t really affect the overall weight of these earbuds for small ears.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Sony MDR-XB50AP/L Extra Bass Earbud Headset

What We Like:

  • budget friendly
  • tangle resistant cable

What We Don’t Like:

  • not recommended for purist audiophiles

The Sony MDR-XB50AP is a perfect option for consumers on a budget who are looking for earbuds for small ears. Consider it as an affordable nirvana for individuals searching for earbuds for small ears.

These earbuds for small ears also sport a neat and durable design and live up to its design name as it offers an extra oomph of bass. At a glance, the Sony MDR-XB50AP may look a bit large to be tagged as earbuds for small ears because it houses 12mm drivers for its bass. But don’t be deceived and take it as a bad sign, the large housing does not actually affect the fitment of these earbuds for small ears.

If you are looking for wireless earbuds for small ears, we would suggest that you look for another brand or model that offers wireless connectivity. However, if you are fine dealing with cables and cords, the Sony MDR-XB50 is an ideal option. Plus, the cable is designed to be tangle resistant, so you won’t have to worry about tangling.

For an affordable price tag, this pair of earbuds for small ears can last for years (of course, if given the right amount of care). Of course, the ad and marketing for the Sony Extra Bass headset doesn’t specify that it is designed for small ears; the fact that it comes with extra small sized ear tips makes it a great candidate.

A friendly advice – if you are planning to buy these earbuds for small ears as a gift to someone, make sure that the recipient is okay with listening to casual audio quality. Purists or audiophiles may not appreciate the sound quality of this device especially due to the extra thumpy bass.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Samsung Galaxy Buds

What We Like:

  • ear tips have a good seal
  • versatile sound performance for any genre
  • longer battery life than Jabra and Airpods

What We Don’t Like:

  • no active noise cancellation
  • sound quality is not as intense like Jabra Elite 75T

While the original Samsung Galaxy Buds had some not so great reviews at the beginning, it seems like the company has done a good job at reclaiming its reputation. With the all new Samsung Galaxy Buds, listeners can expect a generic or versatile sound output, whichever way you would prefer to describe it.

Samsung’s earbuds for small ears have earbud controls that are compatible with most Android smartphones. There’s one classic trick with Samsung earbuds for small ears if you are using an Android smartphone – just long press the button and Spotify will launch automatically. This is just one of the few tricks that Samsung earbuds for small ears have up on their sleeves.

When it comes to battery life, Samsung earbuds for small ears offer 11 hours of playback, which is better than its competition like Jabra, Airpods and Powerbeats Pro.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

What We Like:

  • true wireless earbuds
  • noise cancellation feature
  • top Airpod alternative

What We Don’t Like:

  • charging case may be difficult to open

Jabra is one of the most popular earbuds for small ears on the web, and it’s not really surprising why it is one of the most searched products on Google and Amazon. Marketed as true wireless earbuds, the Jabra Elite is waterproof – yes, you can run under the rain or sweat it all out on an intense zumba session – and wearers can also enjoy decent noise cancellation with these small but powerful gadgets.

If you are totally smitten with the features of the Airpods but you are on the lookout for a much cheaper alternative, the Jabra elite Activ 65t would be the recommended choice. With its 15 hour battery life, these earbuds for small ears can definitely give more expensive earbuds a run for their money.

This pair of earbuds for small ears come with a compact charging case, but there have been some reviews on the web saying that the case is quite difficult to open, especially if you’re in a hurry. However, if you’re more than willing to overlook that issue, the Jabra Elite 65 can be a solid pair of earbuds for small ears. Plus, they fit so well that you don’t have to worry about a single thing while running or while doing some intense workout sessions.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

What We Like:

  • comes with a heart sensor
  • high clarity audio performance for calls and music

What We Don’t Like:

  • pricey

So we have another one from Jabra, this one, the Jabra Elite Sport model. If you are scouting for earbuds for small ears that offer superior sound not only for music but for calls as well, you’ll be more than delighted with the performance of Jabra Elite Sport.

Additionally, the wireless connection of these earbuds for small ears assure true, high quality performance with two microphones on each earbud that work together to ensure clarity and efficient filtering of background noise.

The earbuds are also available in 3 sizes and also come with foam tips so listeners can truly get a custom fit and enjoy the best earbuds for small ears. Plus, the Jabra Elite Sport model also comes with a heart sensor, making it the perfect workout companion.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Audio-Technica ATH-CK3TWBL Wireless in-Ear Headphones

What We Like:

  • truly wireless, Bluetooth 5 technology

What We Don’t Like:

  • 6 hour battery life

Audio-Technica’s offering for earbuds for small ears features a truly wireless listening experience powered by Bluetooth 5 technology. Listeners can enjoy high quality audio without the presence of wires or cables.

This pair of earbuds for small ears from Audio Technica is water resistant, although its IPX rating is significantly lower than other brands included in this list. With an IPX2 drip-proof rating, you can expect that the headphones are safe and protected from drops of water such as sweat or rain.

If battery life is a big deal for you when it comes to earbuds or headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-CK3TWBL may not be a great option because unlike other brands and models featured in this list which offers up to 15 hours of playback time, this pair of earbuds for small ears only offers 6 hours battery life. This is fine if you’ll be using this to watch TV or listen to MP3 for a short period of time, but if you are planning to travel or use it for long periods of time, the short battery life is a downer. Nevertheless, this pair of earbuds for small ears from Audio-Technica is worth a try, considering that it is truly wireless, runs on Bluetooth 5 and offers high quality, detailed audio.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Samsung Equipment IconX Bluetooth

What We Like:

  • real time voice guide for fitness

What We Don’t Like:

  • finicky, touch sensitive controls
  • sub par battery life

Looking for a pair of comfortable, tiny earbuds for small ears? The Samsung Equipment IconX Bluetooth earbuds may just be what you are looking for. With outstanding sound quality and decent battery life, this pair of earbuds for small ears is a perfect workout companion. If you are a frequent gym goer and don’t really have the time to charge every now and then, you might want to look for a pair of earbuds for small ears that has longer battery life, like the Jabra Elite 65t.

It comes in three available colors – black, pink and grey. Just like the Jabra Elite, the Samsung Equipment IconX comes with fitness-oriented functions, perfect for athletes or individuals who live an active lifestyle centered on health and fitness. The sound quality of these earbuds for small ears may not be as awesome as that of Bose SoundSport, but overall, the sound quality is great for casual listening.

These earbuds for small ears serve as a great partner in achieving your fitness goals thanks to its real-time voice guide and monitoring apps that can display rate, distance and calories burned. If anything, the drawback for this earbuds for small ears from Samsung would have to be its finicky, touch sensitive controls.

If for some reason you are an iOs user but would love to use the Samsung Equipment IconX, do not fret because it can still connect to an iOs device without any glitch or issue. However, you need to note that some of the best features of this pair of earbuds for small ears, like ambient sound pass-through and real-time coaching are only available through the Android app.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Jaybird Freedom Wireless

What We Like:

  • MySound App
  • slightly tapered earbud tips

What We Don’t Like:

  • 4 hour battery life

We have another one from Jaybird, this time the Jaybird Freedom F5. Tagged as the best wireless earbuds for small ears in some web reviews, it’s not that surprising because this product has very slim earbuds that are slightly tapered to ensure comfortable fit. Unlike other earbuds which have a barrel size shape, the Jaybird Freedom F5 has tapered points and comes with four stability fins and six ear tip sizes.

In terms of sound quality, this pair of earbuds for small ears from Jaybird can accommodate most genres, giving a versatile and neutral sound perfect for casual listening. It also has a MySound app perfect for listeners who want to tweak or customize audio pitches depending on their preference.

Best Earbuds for Small Ears: Conclusion

So that ends our curated list for the best earbuds for small ears. We hope that this article served as a helpful guide in making a wise purchase. We know the struggle of looking for the best pair of earbuds for small ears that’s why we’ve curated this list for you, making it easier to choose depending on your lifestyle needs and budget. The products featured in our list are all available on Amazon.