Do you love Bluetooth earbuds that are designed for fitness and music lovers? Do you want your earphone to have that extra bass response? If yes, you might want to check out the Jaybird Freedom 2. While the Jaybird Freedom 2 isn’t really the most affordable earphones on the market, it’s features are well worth your money. This article aims to guide potential users of Jaybird Freedom 2 and help in making the decision to shop or skip.

The Jaybird Freedom 2 are very light on the ears and come with an external charge clip, perfect for powering up the battery while on the go. Well, technically, the Jaybird Freedom 2 needs to have that charging clip because the battery life is pretty short. In terms of overall performance and sound experience, the Jaybird Freedom 2 makes for a solid, work-out friendly product that will attract bass lovers.

Jaybird Freedom 2 Design

The neck band style of the Jaybird Freedom 2 screams sleek and lightweight sophistication. The earphone comes in white and gold or pure black combination and the design is also made to support the fit of biking helmets. This is specifically a plus for users who love to go biking as a sport or as a form of regular exercise.

The Jaybird Freedom 2 package comes with four pairs of fins and ear tips, ensuring that a user can get a secure fit with excellent stability for an exceptional sound experience. It is also water resistant so a user doesn’t need to worry about humidity or moisture issues. A user can also control or change the cable length with a handy cable management cinch for a quick and easy adjustment of the length, providing more or less slack depending on the user’s preference.

There’s also a three-button inline remote control along with a microphone compartment located on the right side of the cable. The Jaybird Freedom 2 features a central multifunction button that can support call management and playback and it is sandwiched by track navigation buttons and volume management button. Said buttons also offer extra system functionality when a user is on a call – the volume up lets a user switch between calls while the volume down button serves as a mute button.

If you’re wondering why the Jaybird Freedom 2 is so slim and sleek, it’s because it was designed to leave the charging port off the earphones. The remote control compartment is designed to have charging contacts that deliver power through the external charging clip. Of course, there’s a downside to this feature, one of the issues that pop out with these slim buds is that it’s highly possible for users, especially those who are living a fast and busy life, to lose the small charging clip, which is just as small as a Tootsie Roll or a large guitar pick. Plus, losing or forgetting the external charging clip can be a real pain, so you really need to take extra care not to lose the clip or else, you would really have to stretch the internal 4 hours battery life that the Jaybird Freedom 2 offers.

The charging clip has enabled a system that allows the earphone to charge without actually being connected to the charging cable. The internal battery of the Jaybird Freedom 2 offers 4 hours of play time which, if compared to Airpods and similar devices in the same tier, is quite a downer. However, this 4 hour internal battery can actually vary depending on the volume levels and overall device usage. The Jaybird Freedom 2 also comes with a shirt clip and a small protective pouch.

The Jaybird Freedom 2 also has a built in microphone that offers above average intelligence. The quality of the audio recording was clearer than other front inline mics on other Bluetooth earphones in the market. Overall, there were very few noted audio artifacts, making the Jaybird Freedom 2 one of the best-sounding mics in this price range.

Jaybird Freedom 2 Performance

If you are a fan of bass hits that goes through the wall, you’ll really appreciate the Jaybird Freedom 2. The hardware of the earphones provide some seriously rich thump even at low or moderate volumes. Even at top listening levels, the drivers pull through and don’t give any distortion. Listeners who need that extra bass motivation during exercise will definitely enjoy the audio output of the Jaybird Freedom 2.

For the techie geeks, there’s a Jaybird Freedom firmware update that updates your buds to the latest firmware. You can access it by using the USB charging cable that comes with the device and connect to either a Windows 10 or MAC computer.

Jaybird Freedom 2: Shop Wisely

No ad or marketing campaign can justify the real performance of an item, and the Jaybird Freedom 2 is one of the few premium items that give surreal performance, whether it is used with an Android, iOs or Windows 10 device. Aside from its short battery life, Jaybird Freedom 2 can really deliver high quality audio and can strongly compete with other brands in the wireless category such as the JBL Reflect Mini BT, Bose SoundSport Wireless, Jaybird X3 and Fitbit Flyer. Clearly, Jaybird has amped up its tethered earbud selection thanks to the Jaybird Freedom 2.

In a nutshell, the Jaybird Freedom 2 has a powerful, audio performance that offers a boosted, powerful bass response. It also has a lightweight design and is also water-resistant, perfect for intense workout or exercise sessions. Although the internal battery of the Jaybird Freedom 2 only has 4 hours play time, the external charging clip boosts the battery life for an additional 4 hours, giving users a total of 8 hours battery life depending on the usage or volume used during playback time.