Cowin headphones are not only popular with frugal and frequent travelers. In fact, the company has a lot of great deals that would surely delight music lovers with a limited budget. Some would think that purchasing a pair of wireless, noise canceling headphones might cost a heavy dollar purchase; and that thinking is quite true especially if you would browse headsets from big audio brands like Bose and Beats Electronics.

Cowin headphones have a lot to offer from their plate but one of their most popular models  is the Cowin SE7 noise cancelling wireless Bluetooth headphones. The technology being offered by this pair of Cowin headphones is considered to be mainstream and ideally similar to big audio product manufacturers at a lower price tag.

Another popular model from Cowin headphones brand is the Cowin E7. If you are planning to shop for a pair of Cowin headphones with impressive sound quality, we would recommend the Cowin E7 Pro. However, there is also some feedback and review from listeners that the E7 Pro sounds a bit too sharp. If these two popular Cowin headphones were put head to head in terms of battery life, the Cowin E7 Pro would have our vote, because it offers twice the battery life of Cowin SE7.

A customer who is looking for an inexpensive yet comfortable and better-built pair of Cowin headphones will most likely appreciate the SE7. The Cowin SE7 feels and looks more luxurious and high-end at a lower cost than other mainstream American audio brands in the industry. Still haven’t decided yet? Skim through our blow by blow review below to see what’s the perfect pair of Cowin headphones is made for you.

Cowin Headphones: Cowin SE7

We’re all looking for a pair of headphones that has a decent noise cancellation technology, good sound quality with speakers that function with a boombastic performance, right? Well, look no further as Cowin headphones popular offering, Cowin SE7 is a well-quilted orchestration of what a music nerd is looking for.

The battery life of this pair of Cowin headphones is seriously impressive; running for 30 hours, the Cowin SE7 is perfect for travelers, commuters who are always stuck in city traffic, or for individuals who simply want to use a noise reduction device to drown out chatty office colleagues behind their computer. The Bluetooth technology of this pair of Cowin headphones support APTX 5.0, a sign that Cowin headphones are not playing around.

This pair of Cowin headphones have also been making it to several review forums and online blog because it is downright impressive and the price to performance ratio definitely calls for high ratings.

Cowin Headphones: Cowin E7 Pro

Cowin E7 Pro is considered to be a slightly glorified and updated version of the Cowin E7. It has improved battery life and still offers the same sound quality and NFC technology of its predecessor. However, if you are an audiophile or simply have a sensitive listening ear, you can really notice that this pair of Cowin headphones loses a bit of thump in terms of bass. However, don’t take this as a sign of weakness; in fact, this pair of Cowin headphones is still raising its flag when it comes to Amazon sales.

This pair of Cowin headphones has a quiet, poised and laid back premium demeanor but its earphone speakers speak otherwise; the Cowin E7 Pro Wireless is a product that’s way past testing the waters – it’s an earphone that offers impressive audio delivery that can compete with professional and high end audio devices. If you are looking for Cowin headphones that are ideal for entertaining oneself during long haul flights or city commutes, the Cowin E7 Pro Wireless are one of the best deals you can get.; you can watch your favorite TV show or YouTube videos on your smartphone and drown out external noise with comfort.

Who should choose Cowin E7 Pro [2018 Upgraded] ANC headphones? Simple – if you liked the original Cowin E7, you’ll definitely fall head over heels with the E7 Pro upgraded. It has a more balanced sound, richer bass tones and has a better microphone than other Cowin headphones.

Cowin Headphones: Cowin E8 Perfect Quiet Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

This is another fresh from the box pair of Cowin headphones, considered to be one of the latest released product from the company. Primarily marketed as active noise cancelling headphones that can effectively protect the ear from unwanted external noise, this product has been painting the town red, thanks to its premium features that come with a friendly price tag.

In terms of design, this pair of Cowin headphones exude a mixture of quiet, subdued aesthetics. Some parts are built with strong material while some parts also seem to have some sort of limited oomph to it, thanks to the seemingly cheap and flimsy plastic material used in the earphone. The gold accents are surely intended to give this pair of Cowin headphones a premium look, but some consumers find it to be overbearing to the point that it lies on borderline cheaply accessorized. The thickly padded ear pads are also a little bulky, which makes wearing the headphones for a long period of time not so advisable.

If anything, the good thing about this pair of Cowin headphones is that users can enjoy wireless listening without a cable and can easily connect with Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhone, MP4, MP3, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry smartphone, laptop or computer, etc.

When going on a trip, it’s not just cameras, a video cam, a travel notebook or a smartphone that needs to be packed. A pair of Cowin headphones is a great icing on the cake, so you can enjoy your personal music, travel playlist, or simply watch a movie or TV series while waiting for the next train or your next long haul flight.

Cowin may not be as popular as other big audio brands out there, but they are clearly one of the strong contenders in the affordable price range. Plus, Cowin headphones are also making its mark in the audio product industry thanks to the great reviews and rewarding listening experience of its users. Enjoying a pair of quality headphones does not necessarily mean burning a hole in your pocket and Cowin headphones is a solid example of that.

If you’ve noticed, Cowin headphones have a common denominator when it comes to their design, and that is they are a bit bulky. They’re not really ideal for a day at the beach or for a quick run in the neighborhood; think of it this way, Cowin headphones are built for an immersive audio experience more than portability. Cowin headphones are available on Amazon and you can also check out other device offerings from the company’s official website.