Planning to purchase noise cancelling headphones with a solid listening experience? There are a lot of noise cancelling headphones in the market, from high end ones like Bose and Sennheiser, to budget friendly ones, like the Cowin SE7.

Cowin SE7: What’s in the box?

The Cowin SE7 comes with the basic headphone necessities needed for an over-ear wireless product. When you open the box, you will see an egg-shaped case protecting the headphones. You can also find a drawstring pouch that contains two cables – one micro USB cable for charging and a 3.5mm TRS cable to accommodate a wired connection. There’s also a quarter-inch adapter and another one for airplane use, which is very useful for constant travellers or commuters who want some peace and quiet or enjoy their own music while on a plane or stuck in city traffic.


Cowin SE7: Design and Comfort

The Cowin SE7 has a unique look that sets it apart from other headphones. The shape of the ear cup sticks out, having an oval shape that makes them appear smaller and sleeker. At a glance, the Cowin SE7 has a tough look thanks to its more dense plastic body. 

In terms of fit and comfort, the Cowin SE7 gives a pleasant and secure fit, though not really what we can consider as weightless. If you walk around with the Cowin SE7, you won’t ever find them distracting thanks to the headband that is engineered to not put too much pressure on the head. The ear pads also fit the outer ear with ease, giving a stable and comfortable fit for long listening sessions.

Cowin SE7: Features

In terms of features and functionality, Cowin SE7 keeps it simple with the basics – noise cancelling switches, Bluetooth and playback/volume controls. Each control on the headphones reacts pretty well with zero to minimal delay and pairing with other devices is seamless.

The Cowin SE7 uses -32dB noise reduction, which actually gets the job done. However, some purists may find it to not be so strong, and just treat it as a dampener. Ambient sounds such as traffic or the hum of a washing machine or fan can be mostly cut, but a user may still be able to hear some outside noises that are too loud.

Cowin SE7 Bluetooth Technology

Cowin SE7 has a huge edge when it comes to wireless aspect thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade. In fact, the Bluetooth 5.0 upgrade has also been tagged as significant advancement in similar products such as Wagner BT501 and Strauss. With the Cowin SE7, you can enjoy greater transmission distance without compromising audio quality.

Cowin SE7: Battery Life

The battery life of the Cowin SE7 is pretty impressive for a Bluetooth headphone. It offers 30 hours of playback time when fully charged. To get a full charge, it may take about 3.5 hours. As mentioned earlier, the Cowin SE7 comes with an eighth-inch cable with a quarter-inch adapter so if ever you run out of battery, you can use the attachable cable to continue listening to the headphones while still using ANC technology.

Cowin SE7 Soundstage Performance

When it comes to wireless, noise cancelling headphones like the Cowin SE7, it’s not very wise to expect the most expansive soundstage out of them. In fact, the Cowin SE7 is quite inferior with its spatial imaging squished in the sound feel, and lacks an aural feeling of space. All the sound elements – vocal and instrumentation, become one sound with limited space in between.

Cowin SE7: Is it worth the price?

The Cowin SE7 may not be as impressive as other high-end brand names in the market, but it could provide a fun and exciting listening experience for music of all genres. In terms of build quality, the Cowin SE7 has seen a massive improvement compared to the E7 Pro and offers easier pairing and better playback response. Whether you are planning to use the Cowin SE7 for listening to music, audio books, or watching movies on your mobile phone, you can get a pretty decent audio experience without the cost breaking the bank.

When you are shopping for a pair of headphones, regardless of its purpose, prices or brand name, you would want to check its performance when it comes to the following factors: sound quality, comfort, design and value for money. If you are planning to purchase noise cancelling headphones, there are instances when you may have to settle for a brand name that sounds subpar. Fortunately, Cowin SE7 exists in the market and you can purchase a pair of headphones that has noise cancelling technology and ticks all the boxes. The Cowin SE7 is by far one of the most comfortable and neatly crafted models offered by Cowin.

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