The Cowin E7 Pro is one of the budget friendly headphones noise cancelling headphones in the market today. This pair of headphones was also known to be one of COWIN’s most popular styles. Although the Cowin E7 Pro is not perfect and had some room for improvement, it was considered to be a consumer favorite. Fortunately, the company listened to the constructive criticisms and released an updated version of the Cowin E7 Pro known as the E7 Pro 2018 Upgraded Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. 

Compared to the pioneering E7, the Cowin E7 Pro boasts of a better battery, higher quality sound, more comfortable padding and a stronger microphone. The brand update is so thorough that the earphone seems to be a whole new product. However, upon close examination, the Cowin E7 Pro still has some similarities with the original model.

Cowin E7 Pro: Build and Design

From the outside, the Cowin E7 Pro has a metallic look, with sleek metal exteriors on the earcups, giving a good impression or information about the quality of this model. For an over-ear headphone, the Cowin E7 Pro is fairly compact, weighing just short of a pound. The Cowin E7 Pro comes with large 45mm drivers which are slightly larger than the 40mm drivers of the original E7.

The drivers of the Cowin E7 Pro are admittedly larger than the average size, aimed to provide an increased tonal clarity and bass response. With its closed, over-ear design, sounds are prevented from leaking into the environment which is also a necessary function for the active noise cancellation technology.

The Cowin E7 Pro 2018 edition is available in white, red and black. The black variant is perfect for a customer who is looking for an earphone with a professional and standard look. The white Cowin E7 Pro is closer to silver while the red model is perfect for the fashion-forward customer.

Cowin E7 Pro: Fit and Comfort

For improved comfort, the Cowin E7 Pro has slightly thicker cushions than other headphones in the same price range. Similar to the original E7, the ear pads of the Cowin E7 Pro Upgraded 2018 edition have earpads that can swivel up to 90 degrees to accommodate users with different head sizes. The smooth velour surface of the Cowin E7 Pro allows better heat dissipation and users can clean the pads easily. It’s no wonder that the Cowin E7 Pro is a bestseller when it comes to budget-friendly headphones that can be worn all day long.

Cowin E7 Pro: Bluetooth Technology and Microphone

Just some real talk here – while the Cowin E7 Pro was considered as a top-rated budget headphones in terms of sound quality, its microphone is a whole other story. Fortunately, the brand leveled up the mic’s performance in the Cowin E7 Pro 2018 Upgraded edition. It’s not a multiple-mic setup, but the single microphone of this version has a far more component microphone than the previous model.

The Cowin E7 Pro 2018 Upgraded Edition also has an added NFC technology for seamless and swift Bluetooth pairing. This is a great service for people who are always connecting to different devices in different locations

Cowin E7 Pro Battery Life

The Cowin E7 Pro has an impressive battery life that can withstand 30 hours of use, thanks to the 800mAh battery. If you are a headphone nerd, you can clearly see and appreciate the upgraded battery life as the Cowin E7 Pro 2018 version has a 25% larger battery than the previous model. However, as a customer, you must keep in mind that a number of variables influence the battery performance especially when you are using a pair of active noise cancelling headphones.

Cowin E7 Pro: Fairly Powerful ANC

The availability of ANC headphones in is quite overwhelming, but it’s safe to say that the Cowin E7 Pro is a good choice for an item with a mid-range price tag. As expected, there is a fairly substantial difference between the ANC service technology offered by different brands and manufacturer.

Based on tests and personal experience, the Cowin E7 Pro is roughly one step lower than the best ANC in the market and a step higher than mediocre options. The Cowin E7 Pro has a strong sleight of hand when it comes to its ANC tech, and you’ll be happy to have this around when you want to listen to music and want to drown out traffic noise, air conditioning machines, chatty office workers, gym buddies etc. The over-ear design of the Cowin E7 Pro also provides a small degree of noise isolation, around 7dB, that will help in noise reduction and keeping the sound isolated.    

The Cowin E7 Pro also has its weaknesses, one of which includes the fact that it tends to skip out if a user makes any rapid motions. For example, if you are sitting in-front of your computer and you stand up suddenly, you will learn that the Cowin E7 Pro may stutter for a moment. However, if you are willing to overlook that small hiccup on this item, you will learn to appreciate that the Cowin E7 Pro is operational for both wireless and wired mode.

Cowin E7 Pro Audio and Music Quality

Who Should Choose COWIN E7 Pro [2018 Upgraded] ANC Headphones? The Cowin E7 Pro is a good choice for individuals who want to shop for headphones with affordable prices. Whether you plan on using them for listening to music, watching movies, YouTube videos, TV shows or using it for hands-free call with an Android or iPhone, you can depend on the Cowin E7 Pro to give accurate sound quality.

Cowin E7 Pro: Is it a good purchase?

If you have already used the Cowin E7 Pro before, you will love the Cowin E7 Pro 2018 Upgraded Edition. It offers a better balanced audio, especially for notes that fall in rich bass tones. It is adjustable, comfortable and offers a better microphone. The slightly larger battery also adds value to the Cowin E7 Pro. Put simply, the Cowin E7 Pro has made a name in the field of affordable headphones, offering true value for your money.