The Koss Porta Pro has a unique vintage design that seems to be a hit with lovers of retro fashion. Don’t be surprised if the Koss Porta Pro headphones look like it jumped from an ‘80s catalog because they were actually released in 1984 by Koss Corporation. It’s safe to say that the longevity of the Koss Porta Pro is a testament to its impressive and sonic performance. While it can’t be considered as one of the best looking headphones in the market, it’s a popular choice for consumers who like vintage sets.

The design of the Koss Porta Pro makes them light enough to be ideal for commuting or engaging in light exercise. The fit can be toggled between firm or light and you can also collapse the Koss Porta Pro and store it in your bag.

If there’s a potential concern about the Koss Porta Pro headphones, it would have to be the fact that it is designed to be open-backed, which means that a user may have to lower down the volume if he or she wants to avoid letting the people in the elevator or the people next to them on the subway to hear the music or whatever they’re listening to.

Koss Porta Pro: Sound Performance

It’s pretty easy to judge an item through its aesthetics, right? When it comes to headphones, looks aren’t enough. Audio quality is also essential and with the Koss Porta Pro, you get decent sound quality without going over your budget.

With the friendly price tag of Koss Porta Pro, it would be probably asking too much for high-quality audio similar to high-end models. That being said, the Koss Porta Pro still manages to give the right amount of bass without muddying or skewing the balance and other dynamic elements. The treble is pretty basic but on the good side – it’s not distracting or coarse. Koss Porta Pro has a unique and enthralling dynamic element that makes for an extended frequency response.

The Koss Porta Pro is not only good in providing excitement for upbeat tracks. It also has a dynamic range that offers clean and rhythmic sensibility along with a detailed expression that can get an agreeable response from professionals. The frequency response consistency of the Koss Porta Pro is very good. However, take note that the Koss Porta Pro has no wireless Bluetooth connectivity because it is a wired pair.

Koss Porta Pro Microphone

The Koss Porta Pro has a mediocre microphone. In noisy environments, the Koss Porta Pro microphone does an average job in separating speech from the background noise. In quiet environments, the speech transmitted and recorded on the microphone sounds thin and lacking in detail.

Koss Porta Pro Controls

The Koss Porta Pro comes with a KTC version that has an inline control module that offers track skipping, volume controls and call/music access. The KTC version is definitely an upgrade from the standard Koss Porta Pro because a user can have some control over the audio. However, we noticed that the buttons on the module feel poor and shallow. If you are used to using touch controls, you would feel the difference with the Koss Porta Pro inline control module, because it doesn’t really provide good tactical feedback, making it a bit frustrating to use.

Is the Koss Porta Pro worth it?

If you are a customer looking for a pair of budget headphones that is designed with a retro, MPW walkman vibe, the Koss Porta Pro is a good choice. 

It’s portability also passes our standards in terms of on-the-go features. If you are a purist or an audiophile, you may not be able to enjoy the Koss Porta Pro, in fact, you may end up dubbing it as a classic mistake. The sound reproduction of the Koss Porta Pro may not be as awesome as newer and higher-end models, but for its price, this item is worth it. If anything, the comfort that Koss Porta Pro brings to the table is as good as other expensive models.

However, if you are willing to look at the silver lining that the Koss Porta Pro has to offer, you’ll learn to like this classic model. It offers impeccable comfort, collapsible design, a sturdy protective case and overall great sound quality for its price. For more product information, you may visit the official site of Koss.

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