If you’re looking for a brand of audio equipment that’s not commercialized and mainstream but offers a competitive assembly of dustproof, sweatproof, waterproof or wireless electronics, Bohm is worth checking out. Most of the electronics in the Bohm product line are wireless so if your personal taste leans more on a product that offers wireless technology, Bohm headphones are worth checking out.

Based on numerous consumer review forums and product feedback, Bohm headphones offer premium sound quality and an overall decent consumer listening experience. In this article, we will be featuring popular Bohm headphones in the market to help you choose the right and desired product for you.

Bohm headphones may not be as popular or established as other big players in the audio market unlike Apple Inc, Sony, Bose, Beats Electronics, etc. but based on our product review, they are really worth a try and the premium features are impressive for a decent asking price. In fact, Bohm headphones are considered to be one of the best selling headphones on Amazon; it’s product sales serve as a strong visual representation that the product is really worth the money. A product won’t sell like pancakes if it’s features and performance isn’t gold, right?

Bohm Headphones: Bohm B76

Bohm headphones are considered to be a strong, indie contender against mainstream brands. B76 is the flagship product of Bohm headphones and at first glance, it looks elegant, slick and sturdy – something that you can call minimalist and sleek.

The prices of most of the mainstream audio wireless products are pretty much set in the mid range to high-end range, but thanks to Bohm headphones, consumers can enjoy high quality sound performance housed safely in a sturdy build. The Bluetooth wireless connectivity is a big bonus as well.

Bohm 76 can go head to head with other high end products in the market at a more affordable price. If you’re looking for a sleek, classy pair of Bohm headphones with a slight tinge of retro, the Bohm B76 is a great option.

Several reviews from consumers have compared the sound quality of Bohm B76 to that of Bose’s. Of course, discerning audiophiles can really distinguish glaring differences in the sounds and frequencies, but overall, the Bohm B76 deserves a premium sticker of excellence. This pair of Bohm headphones run on Bluetooth 4.0, with a weight of 345g. Battery life runs for up to 15 hours without using Active Noise Cancellation features. If you are to use Active Noise Cancellation features with this Bohm headphones, you can get around 10 hours of playback.


Bohm Headphones: Bohm B66

If you are looking for a pair of Bohm headphones that can support your active, on-the-go lifestyle, the B66 might be a good selection. Significantly lighter in weight compared to the B76, this pair of Bohm headphones boasts the same wireless superiority of its other Bohm headphone counterparts. Although the Bohm 66 is considered to be a lightweight, it is housed in a sturdy housing frame made of aluminum and alloy metal detailing.

Unlike the B76, the Bohm B66 can be tossed in a small pleather bag or pocket easily. If your daily life involves a quick workout or jog around the neighborhood, this pair of Bohm headphones is a good choice for you. In fact, this pair of Bohm headphones were designed and engineered to provide consumers comfort and efficiency for physical and fitness activities. Gone are those days when you have to bring a CD player or a stereo with bass speakers just so you could get your jam on while working out. This pair is also sweatproof so you don’t have to worry about sweat, water or any moisture getting into the headphones.

Considered as gym earbuds, this pair of Bohm headphones come with delightful ergonomics that make them stay hooked in your ears firmly. The Bohm B66 also comes with a micro-USB so you can recharge the battery in your computer or laptop. Speaking of rechargeable battery, the B66 offers up to 18 hours of battery life and gives users a full charge within 3 hours. This pair of Bohm headphones also has an integrated microphone and allows users to accept or reject calls.

In terms of music and overall sound experience, the B66 may pale a bit in comparison with other Bohm headphones. It may be attributed to the fact that it is made to be smaller and lightweight. However, if you simply need a pair of Bohm headphones to get you through a quick run or have a form of communication tool while working out, the B66 can give you good value for your money.

Bohm Headphones: Bohm S6

Say hello to the flagship over-ear model of Bohm headphones, the S6. This pair of Bohm headphones is highly recommended for bass lovers who just want to get that oomph whether they are listening to music, gaming on their PCs, or watching movies on their mobile phone or tablet. Tagged as X-Bass, this pair of Bohm headphones have a strong gaming with the low end frequency.

Aesthetically speaking, the Bohm S6 is quite a vision. This pair of Bohm headphones is far from subtle; in fact, at first glance, it looks like a big, bulky leather set of headphones which can be easily mistaken as a professional headphone of some sort.

Since this pair of Bohm headphones have an in-ear design, it has an enclosure that allows listeners to enjoy comfort, isolation, and harmony without needing to worry about sound leakage. With this pair of Bohm headphones, your listening experience won’t be limited because you don’t have to worry about sounds getting in or out.

This pair of Bohm headphones are considered to be versatile – it has an incorporated microphone controller, easy to carry around yet durable and well-built. It can be a great travel partner because of its collapsible design. In terms of battery life, this pair of Bohm headphones can last for 12 hours with just 4 hours of charging; pretty cool for a rechargeable pair of headphones.

Bohm Headphones: Bohm S9

The Bohm S9 is a pristine combination of black and white with premium features that can match those of high-end headphones. For a very affordable price tag, this pair of Bohm headphones can give consumers on a budget a wonderful listening experience without burning a hole in their pockets.

In terms of design and ergonomics, this pair of Bohm headphones are lightweight, comfortable and enjoyable. The ear cups are light and airy despite being wrapped in fine leather. The ear cups can also be rotated and folded horizontally; however, the headphones itself cannot be collapsed.

To compensate for the fact that this pair of Bohm headphones cannot be collapsed or folded, it comes with a hard case that makes it easy to carry around. Battery life of this pair of Bohm headphones gives users around 12-15 hours of playback while the wireless signal range is around 10 meters. The Bohm S9 comes with an integrated microphone, a 3.5 wired cable and a USB charging cable.

If the Bohm S6 is known for its rich and dynamic bass features, the Bohm S9 takes its forte in emotion-packed, distinctive, acapella notes. The configuration of the sound quality of this pair of Bohm headphones gives listeners a wonderful mix of harmony and balance. For a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a super affordable price tag, the sound quality is more than expected. Of course, as expected, the sound quality levels up a notch higher when the headphones are used wired. 

Another great thing about this pair of Bohm headphones is that it has been updated to work with Bluetooth 4.1 version. This means that there will be less interference and overlapping with other Bluetooth signals.

So that concludes our lineup of the highly recommended and popular headphones. We hope that our comprehensive review of Bohm headphones helped you in getting the best deal fit for your audio needs and budget. You can purchase these headphones on Amazon.com or check out their official site on the web or reach out to them via their official social media account handles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.