Eargo has been in the market since 2015 and according to the company’s website, they believe that people should wear hearing aids because they want to and not because they have to. Eargo has a couple of products under its belt but for this article, we will be reviewing the Eargo Neo.

Eargo Neo ITE variety

Much like Eargo’s hearing aids, the Eargo Neo is small and discreet. This is considered to be the top selling point of the Eargo Neos because while this product banks on being invisible and discreet, it is secure enough to give a good fit.

Eargo Neo Design and Packaging

The Eargo Neo comes in a smooth and circular charging case that has a touch of AirPods feel rather than coming off as a medical device. The rechargeable battery of the Eargo Neo can be automatically charged once you put them in the charging case. The same charging case also contains Bluetooth, so when the earbuds are in there, a user can alter the settings through the mobile app. 

This would mean that a consumer can’t adjust the settings while wearing the Eargo Neo because the Bluetooth tech is in the case and not in the buds. However, it’s a good thing for the battery life because the buds can have a longer playback time despite being so tiny.

Eargo Neo: Modern Touches

Other modern touches to the Eargo Neo include gestures to change presets which work by simply tapping the side of the head twice. There’s also an app that gives users the ability to create custom audio profiles, send feedback and contact Eargo’s audio professionals. According to the manufacturer, the Eargo Neo is designed for people with mild to medium hearing loss.

Eargo Neo Price

The Eargo Neo costs around $2,550 per pair, which may seem quite a lot, but standard hearing aids also have a price tag of $2,000 each. Also, take note that the Eargo Neo is not just a hearing amplifier (PSAP); the company claims that it is a Class 1 FDA-regulated hearing aid.

Eargo Neo Reviews

In terms of comfort, it only takes a couple of minutes until a wearer gets used to the feel of the Eargo Neo in their ear. The sounds it produces may be artificial-sounding, but within 15-30 minutes, a wearer can already get accustomed and forget that he is wearing a hearing aid.

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