In this article, we will be tackling Eargo hearing aid reviews and will be comparing it head to head with our own in-house review. First things first, Eargo is a health tech brand  committed to destigmatizing hearing loss through a combination of innovation and years of professional experience.

Almost everyone knows someone who is diagnosed with hearing loss but not everyone who has hearing loss actually gets hearing aids. One main reason is that mainstream hearing aids have the stigma of being bulky, expensive, uncomfortable and clearly visible; plus, the testimonial of older people who have tried using hearing aids make the scenario worse. However, Eargo hearing aid reviews put hearing aids in a whole new light – these products are actually nearly invisible, tiny, lightweight and extremely comfortable.

Eargo hearing aid reviews also agree on one thing – and that is the sound quality is very natural, airy and light. If you are looking for a worthy hearing aid investment, Eargo hearing aids are worth considering.

Eargo hearing aid reviews show the brand bringing customer satisfaction by primarily breaking typical and usual purchasing barriers. Eargo brings a practical solution for a customer who is looking for devices with high quality technology at an affordable price. Eargo has three models of hearing aids that offer consumers a breathable, open-fit design. It is worth noting that most Eargo hearing aid reviews do not recommend the devices as a solution for profound hearing impairment. However, Eargo is tried and tested to provide benefits for individuals with mild to severe, high frequency hearing loss.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Top Pros

In most Eargo hearing aid reviews, the top pros of the brand highlights the ff: nearly invisible design, professional & licensed support, rechargeable hearing aids, 100% covered by federal benefits.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: How it Started

The tiny yet powerful hearing aids are actually the brainchild of a European ENT surgeon named Dr. Florent Michel. Just like most of the ENTs and audiologists, he had been recommending or prescribing hearing aids to countless patients through the years and many of them ended up refusing to wear the devices because they were hard to adjust, uncomfortable, bulky or put simply, totally uncool. The idea to produce Eargo hearing aids came to Dr. Michel when he was tying flies while out fishing; he had an epiphany that what if he made a hearing aid modeled after the shape of a tiny fishing fly? Of course, the result wasn’t instantaneous.

Dr. Michels had to find a way to shrink the electronics into soft, medical grade silicone fibers and he also made sure to make the hearing aids small enough to the point of being nearly invisible. Eventually, Dr. Michels successfully had the Flexi Fibers patented, giving customers a breathable and comfortable hearing aid that can allow ambient noise and air to pass through efficiently. All the hardwok of Dr. Michels had paid off, paving the way for a great brand with a superb reputation as clearly seen in several Eargo hearing aid reviews.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: A Closer Look

As mentioned in several Eargo hearing aid reviews, the brand is a known manufacturer of hearing aid devices with a specification directed to customers with mild to severe high frequency hearing loss. All the models feature four sound profiles that can be easily switched or saved by a customer. The switching and saving process is pretty simple and a customer can easily learn how to navigate through the setting, even seniors who are not so well versed when it comes to tech related information. What makes Eargo hearing aids different from a typical behind-the-ear model is that it’s designed to be nearly invisible and it picks up sound frequencies in front of the user instead of behind the user. You can wear the Eargo hearing aids to work, to a date, to a meeting or conference and no one will notice that you are actually wearing a hearing aid. Eargo hearing aid reviews aim to share information and experiences from actual users and so far, the brand has been getting nothing but top rated reviews and positive feedback.

Upon removing the Eargo hearing aids from the box, you’ll be really amazed by their size, which in our estimate is not much larger than the eraser on top of a pencil. Each hearing aid comes with a rechargeable battery, a speaker and a microphone. The side that goes inside the ear is covered with patented Flexi Fibers while the outer end comes with a short, plastic cord designed to help a wearer remove the hearing aid from the ear. Eargo hearing aid reviews reveal the ease of using the devices even for first time users.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Breathable Comfort

One of the primary factors that a consumer weighs in against the costs of a product is the comfort that it offers. In this case, Eargo hearing aid reviews spell nothing more but comfort and functionality. The open-fit hearing aid product features soft silicone Flexis that allows frequencies to pass easily into the ear, resulting in a more natural sound amplification. Using Eargo hearing aid can also save a user from the plugging sensation which is commonly experienced in older, traditional plastic hearing aids.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Eargo Max

Eargo Max is a product that can effectively amplify a sound boost with improved noise reduction. It also offers state of the art Flexi fibers, also known as Flexi Dome, and excellent sound quality to provide an advanced sound profile with voice indicator technology.


Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Eargo Neo

Eargo Neo has better influence when it comes to noise reduction ability and also claims to have added stable gain and better feedback cancellation. Eargo hearing aid reviews have been giving plus points to this model because it can be controlled via remote by accessing the website or mobile app, making it easier for a user to adjust the settings. However, if you don’t want to risk some trial and error, you can also contact an Eargo hearing professional or your audiologist to assist you in finding the perfect setting through the mobile app. The mobile app can be accessed in iOs and Android devices and also support app and cloud connectivity.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Eargo Neo HiFi

The Eargo Neo has been the crowd favorite when it comes to online Eargo hearing aid reviews in America, with its state of the art designs and overall sound fidelity offered for individuals with mild to severe high frequency hearing loss. This device can be completely sealed inside the ear canal so if you are looking for hearing aids that give little to no sign that you are wearing one, the Eargo Neo HiFi is a good fit.

If there’s anything that sets back the product in Eargo hearing aid reviews, it would have to be its price. With a $2,650 introductory price, it may seem to be quite expensive for some. Fortunately, there’s a financing service being offered starting at $123 a month, but only for a limited time so make sure to check if this service before making a purchase. Just like the original Eargo Neo, the HiFi version can be controlled via mobile app or computer, making it easy for the user to customize the settings in the hearing aids. Still, you have the option to let an Eargo hearing professional or audiologist guide you in customizing the app, especially if it’s your first time to do so, so as not to affect the warranty specification.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Battery Life

All mentioned Eargo devices in this Eargo hearing aid reviews are equipped with rechargeable batteries. There’s also a charging case that lets users go on days without needing to plug into a wall socket to charge; an on-the-go USB plug will do. This is definitely one of the perfect featured accessories of the Eargo for people on the go.

Eargo hearing aid reviews reveal that consumers love the fact that the device can be charged in two ways, either through induction by placing it on the charging base or through the old fashioned way, which is by plugging the micro USB cable to a power source. When using the inductive charger, the charging time approximately takes six hours to get a full charge.

Eargo hearing aid reviews have been overflowing with positive feedback and testimonials about its battery life, with the device offering up to 16 hours of usage on a single charge. This is a pretty good track record in terms of battery life, higher than its competitors in the hearing aid industry.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: How To Wear

Some users who shared their experiences in past Eargo hearing aid reviews revealed that one of their worries about the device is that they may have a hard time adjusting or wearing the product. However, all those worries and concerns were set aside because in reality, using and wearing the Eargo hearing aids is actually very easy to learn. The process is quite similar to wearing a pair of earbuds, the only difference is that there is a removal thread that will help guide users to fully insert the device in the ear.

Be prepared to hear some sort of whistling sounds for the first 30 seconds of wearing the device; don’t worry or get startled because it is part of the device calibration process. Some ticklish individuals revealed in Eargo hearing aid reviews that the patented Flexi Fibers may get some time to get used to, because it gives a tickling sensation everytime the jaw interacts with the ear. Removing the Eargo hearing aids is as simple as grasping or tugging at the removal thread and pulling it gently away from the ear.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Price in the Competitive Industry

Eargo hearing aids cost around $1,850 to $2,650 depending on the model of hearing aids selected. Aside from the hearing aids, the package, which is enclosed in a clamshell box, includes wax guards, extra Flexis (patented) and a charger.  There is also a User Guide glued on the left side of the open box that’s very informative and easy to understand.

As mentioned earlier, Eargo hearing aids can be purchased through a financing service and you would also be pleased to learn that Eargo is offering a 20% military discount. If you have been searching Google for a hearing aid company that handles claims directly with Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB), it would be no surprise if you’ve been directed to Eargo hearing aid reviews.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Purchasing Process

Eargo is an enterprise that implements remote hearing checks, phone consultations and online ordering so consumers can stay safe from the comfort of their homes. Eargo also does not require ENT prescriptions or outside hearing tests but instead relies on their own clinically validated hearing assessment process to evaluate a patient’s hearing in loud settings. You can visit the company’s website or contact Eargo directly to purchase and discuss the warranty of your preferred device. There are also beta stores in select locations where you can bring your device for checking or cleaning. Personal Hearing Professionals (PHPs) are popular in Eargo hearing aid reviews.

PHPs help customers evaluate the products and choose the right device for their specific hearing needs. Eargo hearing aid reviews have also been popping about the fact that the service of the PHPs actually continue after purchase, for as long as a customer is still using an Eargo device and they can still continue to address questions and concerns along the way.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: A Point of Weakness

Reviews are all about the good and the bad, right? And in our Eargo hearing aid reviews, we would like to point out one feature that could be improved – the volume adjusting feature.  While users are given the ability to switch between four modes, there are instances when the practice adjustment takes some time to get used to and you may end up constantly tapping your ear to get to the setting that you want or need.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: More Than Just The Hype

You may be planning to get yourself or a loved one a pair of Eargo hearing aid most likely because you have stumbled upon our Eargo hearing aid reviews. That being said, life can definitely be more enjoyable – conversations will be more meaningful and a user will have no problem everytime he or she watches TV or videos. 

Eargo hearing aid reviews vary from person to person, but for individuals who don’t really need to wear hearing aids, the Eargos are actually still pretty amazing. For example, a person with a normal or average hearing has observed that the quieter he is, the more he can hear little, detailed sounds such as the clicking of a mouse, the water dripping or the wind blowing. The listening experience is quite remarkable, and the experience is aimed to be the same or even better for hard of hearing individuals.

Eargo Hearing Aid Reviews: Final Say

Most Eargo hearing aid reviews conclude on a positive note, and this review ain’t no different. Overall, we are highly satisfied with the hearing amplification and assistance that Eargo hearing aids provide its customers. They are also very comfortable to wear, even during strenuous physical activities such as running, jogging or performing zumba. To say the least, the Eargo hearing aids are a perfect combination of functionality and beauty.

Eargo hearing aid reviews also have another common denominator and that is how users love its nearly invisible design. This is perfect for individuals who are not really comfortable in letting the world know that they are wearing a hearing aid and just want to do things discreetly. Some individuals actually forego the use of hearing aid because they have a stigma that these devices are bulky or heavy. Eargo hearing aids also cost less than other traditional options in the hearing industry plus it also offers and accommodates financing service which is really a bonus during these times. Better hearing is attainable and Eargo is a solid example of that.