Craving for some extra bass but you’ve only got $130? Look no further as the Sony XB950B1 might just be the perfect pair of headphones for you. The XB stands for extra bass and these Bluetooth headphones can really deliver a powerful, low frequency rumble.

The Sony XB950B1 has a Bass Effect button that expedites the process of boosting the lows dramatically while the headset itself is powered to deliver a bass-centered listening experience without needing to turn on the button. If your music preferences lean more on accuracy and balance, the Sony XB950B1 is not recommended for you. In terms of comfort, the Sony XB950B1 gets a thumbs up and aesthetically speaking, this model is looking sleek and minimalistic. 

Sony XB950B1 Design

The Sony XB950B1 is available in red, blue and black variants, with the product featuring a subtle two-toned metallic sheen on the headband and earcups. The device doesn’t come with a carrying case but on the brighter side, you get a pair of headphones that has a generous amount of memory foam cushion and leatherette headband and earpads.

The buttons for Power and Bass effect can be found on the left earcup of the Sony XB950B1, together with a micro USB connection for charging, a pinhole mic and a 3.5mm jack for the audio cable. On the right earcup’s outer panel, there are control buttons for volume adjustment and a multifunction button that oversees call management and playback. Said button also functions as the rocker style switch, allowing users to skip to the next or previous track.

Sony XB950B1 App Features

With the Sony XB950B1, users can enjoy two apps – Sony Headphones and Music Center, otherwise known as SongPal. The Sony Headphones app allows a user to adjust the bass levels and switch on a virtual surround sound effect with choices such as Outdoor Stage and Arena. Said app can also check the status of your battery life. Meanwhile, the Sonpal or Music Center app is a bit redundant, considering that most of its operating offerings are already existing in mobile phones or in the Headphones app.

If you’d like to fiddle with the app or simply want to learn how to fully maximize the customization features of the Sony XB890B1, you can check out the included manual or look up the digital how-to’s online.

Sony XB950B1 Battery Life

The battery life of the Sony XB950B1 is estimated to offer 18 hours of service when used with an iPhone, a TV or a computer. Of course, the playback hours of the battery will greatly depend on the volume levels used. The good thing about the Sony XB950B1 is that when it detects a sign of inactivity, it will automatically turn the power down.

The Sony XB950B1 also has a cool feature – when you turn on the headset, you can see a blue indicator that flashes twice, then a red indicator that flashes next. You can determine the remaining battery charge by checking the number of times the red indicator flashes.

Sony XB950B1 Performance

When you listen to music with the included cable, you have the option to use it in passive mode. Additionally, the Bass Effect option isn’t just for wireless listening, meaning, you can still get the same dramatic bass performance in any kind of settings you choose.

However, if you are using the app, take note that it will only work with the headphones if you are using a connection powered by Bluetooth. The audio performance of the cable is not dramatically different from the performance using wireless listening. However, if you have sensitive hearing, you may note a slight difference in the bass and overall volume when you listen to the sound of Sony XB950B1 in passive mode.

Sony XB950B1: Our Verdict

Is the Sony XB950B1 worth it? Yes, especially if you are a bass junkie. What the Sony XB950B1 does is to bring bass into whatever music genre you listen to, without necessarily twisting or distorting reality. Of course, we would assume that most of the sales and future sales of the Sony XB950B1 are from fans of hip hop, bass and other music genres that offer abundant bass. If you thirst for skull-rattling bass that will shake your eardrums to life, whether used wired or wireless, the Sony XB950B1 can do a great job.

So that concludes our review of the Sony XB950B1. For more product information, you can check out the official site of Sony United States.