High-end, in-ear headphones have some issues when it comes to its perceived value and it’s not really surprising because these items look really similar to more affordable alternatives. It’s worth noting though that in-ear headphones perform significantly better than alternatives or similar models with a more friendly price tag. Such is the case of the Shure SE846, a model that we will be highlighting in this article.

Shure SE846 Design

Shure is one of the companies known for selling and distribution of high quality audio products. The Shure SE846 is not an exception, with its design elements made from high quality materials, from the accessories, metal nozzle and collar, down to the durable Kevlar cable. There’s also a rigid wiring around the ears to provide a secure fit along with the inclusion nozzles that subtly customize the sound signature to the listener’s preference.

In terms of design, the Shure SE846 shines with its impressive engineering, starting from the transparent, plastic shell. The Shure SE846 also comes with four balanced armature drivers that work in a three-way configuration with the twin bass drivers.

The bass units of the Shure SE846 are powered by a clever tuning system that is considered to be an expert in extending the low-end response significantly. This item also permits fine-tuning thanks to its three interchangeable filters that come in the form of a tiny, coloured tube.  The interchangeable filters adjust the tonal balance. 

In this note, the Shure SE846 is customizable. In order for you to swap the filters around, you need to use the supplied tool. Don’t expect drastic changes in audio and frequency as the effect is only subtle. The standard option can offer the most neutral tonal balance but if you would prefer a warm and smooth presentation, you can go for the bass option. 

Shure SE846 has a total of nine pairs of ear tips or inserts available in practically all sizes, shapes and materials – from silicone to Comply foam.

Shure SE846 Fit

The performance of earphones, specifically in-ears, greatly depend on how well they fit the ears. The listening experience of users greatly depends on the fit – without a tight and proper seal between the ear canal and the unit, the sound will be thin and the audio fidelity will be affected. Thankfully, fit won’t be an issue with the Shure SE846 earphones as it comes with a range of buds to help you choose the right fit for a high-definition listening experience.

Once you find the right seal with the Shure SE846, you can get a smooth, premium and curved shape that sits snugly against the ear. There is also a stiff and durable cable at the headphone that allows it to wrap behind the ear for additional security that works very well in securing the Shure SE846 in place. At first glance, there’s a sign that the Shure SE846 may not be so glamorous looking but these are actually one of the most awesome deals when it comes to in-ears. It’s also very comfortable compared to other high-end in-ears.


Quad Driver: Shure SE846 Sound Performance

As mentioned earlier, one of the issues of a high-end earphone like Shure SE846 is perceived value. Usually, the quality and performance of an item is based on its price; if you are expecting stellar features and performance, you are in the right space. Shure SE846 really delivers high-definition audio and detail, something that costs quite a lot of money for that kind of pure quality sound.

The sound of Shure SE846 offers a sense of scale and solidity to the overall presentation and can provide a lot of power if the situation needs it. The bass tuning design also gives an impressive custom kick to these in-ears that deliver an impressive kick to low frequency audio. If you are a stickler when it comes to monitoring the performance of your earphones as you change music genre, you may notice that with track bearing serious bass content, the Shure SE846 impressively sounds like it has a built-in subwoofer, and in actuality, it does!

Thanks to the built-in subwoofer of the Shure SE846, the notes in the low frequency sound natural without sounding insanely boosted or over the top. The subwoofers bring to life a powerful, deep bass response in perfect balance with other frequency range of the Shure SE846. Even if it is played at top, maximum volume levels, there’s what we call zero distortion, and this also holds true even when the Shure SE846 is used with mobile devices, a computer, TV, etc.


Shure SE846 Accessories

If you delight in accessories, you’ll definitely enjoy unboxing the Shure SE846, just like the bloggers in YouTube videos. The Shure SE846 comes with tons of accessories that can make a user happy – from a hard shell case, inline volume adapter down to multiple ear tip options. The Shure SE846 doesn’t just have one cable, it actually has two detachable cables for a more versatile listening experience.

Shure SE846 Build

The cables are enclosed in a transparent housing and can be detached at the earpieces, which are also made of transparent plastic. Each of the balanced armature driver can be viewed through the transparent housing.

There’s also an inline volume adapter that connects to the end of the included cable and to a 3.5mm jack. There’s also an airline jack adapter, a ¼ inch headphone jack adapter, a cleaning cloth, a shirt clip (to be used in sleeves or any kind of clothing), a small zip up bag, and a large, hard shell plastic case. One of the inline cables of the Shure SE846 also comes with an inline remote control and microphone ideal for mobile devices.

Some users have been sharing their pros and cons when it comes to the Shure SE846 and the inline remote control is one of the popular cons, particularly because most of the people who bought the Shure SE846 didn’t purchase it to make phone calls. In short, the inline wire can be considered as a dealbreaker.

Shure SE846: Our Verdict

The use of earphones can be relative – some may consider it to be mere accessories while some also treat it as a small scale tool or gadget for entertainment, work or workout. The price of the Shure SE846 may be shocking news for individuals who are used to purchasing budget-friendly ear accessories. Nevertheless, the price of the Shure SE846 quad driver headphones is truly worth it, with its stellar features, sound quality and overall impressive performance. For more information about the Shure SE846, you can visit the official online web page of Shure.