The Samsung Galaxy Buds are wittingly referred to as Galaxy Beans. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are Samsung’s latest offering for the true wireless earbuds. The design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds is quite intriguing because it claims to have noise cancellation but they don’t actually seal in the ears. Additionally, the bean shape is also an interesting point of conversation, making consumers wonder how comfortable it is when worn.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: A Style of its Own

People with small ears may find fitting the Samsung Galaxy Buds in their ears to be a bit challenging. However, for most individuals who have a normal or average earbud size, the Samsung Galaxy Buds actually fit better than the regular Apple Inc. AirPods. If you want to get the best sound quality and bass performance like no other, shoving the Samsung Galaxy Buds into your ears as comfortably as possible is recommended.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Tap Control

The tap controls of the Samsung Galaxy Buds works similarly with those on the Galaxy Buds Plus. You tap it once to pause, tap it twice to skip and tap it thrice to go back. You can also customize the settings by long pressing a button. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Carrying Case

The carrying case of the Samsung Galaxy Buds has a USB-C port and supports wireless charging. It is wonderfully compact but if you drop it, the earbuds will definitely fly out of the box because it doesn’t have a deep cradle design.

Samsung Galaxy Bud Drivers

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is AKG-tuned and comes with 12 mm drivers, larger than that of the Galaxy Buds Plus. It also has a bass duct to help boost the low end frequencies. Similar to the Google Pixel Buds and AirPods Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Buds have a built in air vent to give its users a natural sensation and lessen the feeling of being closed off. The audio quality, which is also full-bodied and dynamic, is also attributed to the spaciousness brought on by the air vent. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Noise Cancellation

Marketing the Samsung Galaxy Buds as a noise cancellation product may be a bit over the top. Why? Because it is clear as day that these earbuds actually allow a substantial amount of outside noise. This is actually part of the overall product design and we think it’s where the word Live is derived. When you use the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you don’t get to shut out the world around you completely.

Put simply, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live won’t completely drown out chattery airplane companions, noisy coworkers or annoying videoke parties or events next door. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Buds are designed to eliminate frequencies in the low range – think the rumbling of an Amtrak or the consistent hum of an air conditioner. With the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you can still hear some ambient sound but they will be significantly minimized once you turn off the active noise cancellation feature.

If you are thinking that the Samsung Galaxy Buds can rival the Sony 1000XM3 or AirPods Pro, you’ll be disappointed. Again, with the Samsung Galaxy Buds, you’ll still hear a lot from the outside world. For some people, this is actually one of the great features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds, especially for those who have FOMO, otherwise known as the fear of missing out – missing out on travel information announcements, juicy gossip at the next cubicle, or the honks and beeps of traffic. 

That being said, if Samsung is really one of your premium brand preferences but you would like a product that can give you a great noise cancelling experience, you can go with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. While it does not have noise cancellation features, it can still create an effective isolation experience, which is better than none. Again, don’t expect that the Samsung Galaxy Buds are headphones that can provide effective noise isolation.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Bluetooth Stability

Another important aspect to look into when planning to buy headphones is its connectivity or Bluetooth service or stability. The Bluetooth stability of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live may not seem to be as robust as that of the Galaxy Buds Plus. There are chances of an occasional bout of split-second lags or disconnections when walking down the street. It’s not really something that happens regularly but compared to other earbuds in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Buds seem to be winning the score. Technically, the Bluetooth stability of the Samsung Galaxy Buds may depend on the site or location.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Battery Life

Battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Buds is all bright and peachy and looking at this feature solely, you can say that you are getting more value than its price. According to Samsung’s promotion, the buds have a battery life that can accommodate six hours of continuous listening with ANC feature enabled, eight hours if ANC is turned off. With case recharges, the Samsung Galaxy Buds can offer up to 21 hours of playback time, perfect for non-stop music streaming, podcasts and TV series binge-watching.

Those numbers may be quite impressive if you compare the Samsung Galaxy Buds to the AirPods Pro. However, it’s a whole other story if you compare the Samsung Galaxy Buds to the Galaxy Buds Plus, where the latter can stream music, podcasts, YouTube videos, TV shows and other forms of media on the tablet, smartphone or computer for 11 hours straight.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Microphone

If you are more of a call person rather than a music person, you may be curious about how the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live perform during a call. It has three total beamforming mics – one inside and two on the exterior part. If you need a pair of headphones or earbuds to get you through tons of Zoom meetings, call conferences or an online class, the Samsung Galaxy Buds is a decent choice. 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds also has an innovation called “voice pickup unit” instilled in its hardware to facilitate improved speech detection. The earbuds can be used independently for work or play while the other is being charged. This is quite a convenient feature because at least one earbud can still be used when the other’s battery life is still recharging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: Downers

Now it’s time to reveal some of the bummers or not so great features that we found in the Samsung Galaxy Buds. There’s always room for improvement so bookmark this web site if you want to get updates.

To start, we’re not really loving the IPX2 rating of the Samsung Galaxy Buds. Sure, they’re water and sweat resistant but other products in the market with the same price range actually offer a higher IPX rating.

Another thing that we’re not really loving with the Samsung Galaxy Buds is the fact that they aren’t meant to be fitness buds. It’s quite a shame, because its ergonomic design is perfect for spatial awareness – a feature that joggers and runners are looking for.

Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Buds cannot connect to multiple devices at once. Given that they are sharing this issue with most true wireless earbuds in the market, it would have given the Samsung Galaxy Buds an edge if it can accommodate multiple device sharing.

Is The Samsung Galaxy Buds Worth It?

Now we’ve reached the end of our Samsung Galaxy Buds review and we are here to answer the golden question – are they worth it? Well, if you’re going to look at it as a whole package, we can confidently say that the Samsung Galaxy Buds are worth purchasing. 

Despite its leak and unimpressive noise isolation, the silicone, bean-shaped earbuds actually deliver awesome sound quality and comfort. If you’re just looking for a casual pair of earbuds that can play music, podcast stories or other forms of media, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is a good choice. Additionally, if you’ve got no problem hearing a healthy dose of outside noise while listening to your favorite jams on Spotify, you’ll realize that there’s actually a lot to like with the Samsung Galaxy Buds.