There’s a fine line between cheap and budget friendly, and with the RHA MA390, there’s no grain of cheap in this model except for its price tag. RHA MA390 is perfect for listeners who are on a budget but still want to use earbuds with a premium design, with its 6063-grade aluminum housings that not only look great but feel great as well. In fact, at first glance, you wouldn’t think that the price of RHA MA390 is below $30.

If you are a bass lover, you will also love the RHA MA390 because it offers a bass heavy performance, perfect for hip hop, lo-fi Youtube streams on your smartphones or computer. Another great perk of the RHA MA390 is its 3-year warranty. A customer service of a company can be a hit or miss, but RHA’s customer service has a great response to calls or emails, providing a sound solution to warranty issues.


How are the RHA MA390 Universal built?

The quality and value of the RHA MA390 starts with the 6063-grade aluminum molded into the aerophonic signature design of the company. It has a gold-plated 3.5mm jack but can also be used wireless. Aside from sounding like one of the pros in the earphone market, the engineering mimics the airflow properties of an inverted trumpet. The effect is a remote, rich, concentrated audio.

Dual material cables may not look so kick ass but the design team of RHA managed to come up with a functional, attractive, out of the box design. For added durability, a braided sheath wraps the cable components and connector. Although this does not make the product impervious to tangling, the braided sheath makes it easy to straighten out the cables.

What’s Inside the RHA MA390 Universal Package?

Since these are budget earbuds, you can expect some omission from typical product inclusions; nevertheless, you can still expect a great price to performance ratio. Although the RHA MA390 Universal has skipped the Comply ear tips, it still offers three pairs of dual density silicone ear tips with Small, Medium and Large sizes. The package also comes with the same mesh carrying pouch included in the MA650.

RHA MA390 Universal also has a cable slider that zips the wires as they descend from the earbuds together. If a listener is going to use wired earbuds, this feature is invaluable and may be overlooked. This feature makes using an ear bud less frustrating and annoying, plus it also lessens the tendency of the wires to get caught or tangled with accessories.

RHA MA390 Multifunction Remote and Microphone

The remote of the RHA MA390 functions universally, hence it was coined universal, and it is located on the right cable with a design that’s not really an eyesore. Although it would be better if the RHA MA390 offers a three button remote control, especially since similar items under $25 have done it, offering a tactile and user friendly experience.

The microphone of the RHA MA390 works well for voice commands, like for Google Assistant, Siri for iPhone, Android, iOs, etc. However, during phone calls, it seemed like the person on the other end may have some hearing issues. The mediocre call quality becomes too glaring when the user is in an area with moderate to loud ambient noise, which is a sign that the microphone may tend to amplify winds. If you are going to use the RHA MA390 while on a quiet country trip, well and good, but if you are going to use this while jogging on a track field, expect that the call quality may not be that great.

RHA MA390 Connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity of the RHA MA390 can be considered as a different way of listening to music, TV shows, videos, etc. Even if it’s not completely a wireless experience because the listener is physically tethered, he or she need not worry about codec compatibility or Bluetooth connections that produce choppy audio jobs.

RHA MA390 Sound Quality

Let’s be clear and get this information out first- the RHA MA390 is not for audiophiles. Of course, this is pretty basic considering its very low cost. It would be highly laughable to expect its features to go neck to neck with high end brands. While the looks of the RHA MA390 Universal may look hi-fi, its sound rating actually just falls on the average sound quality that’s ideal for casual listening. For short, the sound quality of the RHA MA390 Universal isn’t really sub par, it just lacks the balance and frequency that audio purists look for especially from guitar or drum instruments.

RHA MA390 – Water Resistant

Another perk of the RHA MA390 Universal is its water resistance. The RHA MA390 Wireless have earbuds that are made out of aluminum. However, the brand ditched the aluminum for the neck band and made it out of silicone instead, hence, the product’s water resistance. To be more specific, the RHA MA390 has an IPX4 rating, protecting it from sweat and water.

RHA MA390 – Great Performance Embracing Value

In conclusion, the RHA MA390 is one of the top picks of listeners looking for a bang for their buck, with its minimalist design, great audio output, and overall sound experience. While it may be tempting to purchase super cheap earbuds at the gas station convenience store, ordering the RHA MA390 at will surely bring the audio experience of listeners to a whole new level – you’ll be thanking yourself for that delayed gratification moment.