JVC has long been in the business of manufacturing audio products such as JVC headphones, ear accessories, projectors, car speakers, marine subwoofers, multimedia amplifiers, sport headphones – practically any type of professional audio products with the latest technology.

If you are planning to shop for JVC headphones, accessories and other professional music products, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to give you some essential information on selected JVC headphones.

JVC Headphones: JVC Gummy Plus HA-FX5

Named as one of the best budget headphones in 2017, this pair of JVC headphones has large dynamic drivers, audio with strong bass response and attractive design and colors. This pair of JVC headphones have an above average capacity to isolate environmental sounds.

JVC Headphones: JVC HA-S23W

If you are looking for JVC headphones that can be used with ease, you can rely on JVC HA-S23W with its lightweight body that offers wireless music or MP3 enjoyment with a foldable, flat design. It also has 17-hour battery life, ideal for people who are on a journey or traveling on field without needing to recharge every now and then. This pair of JVC headphones comes with a 3 button remote with mic that allows answering of calls, play/pause navigation and volume control. There are also Voice Assistant features for mobile phones that allows the convenience of using digital assistants, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles and active or busy schedules.

Live life with color, they say. With this pair of JVC headphones, you get to choose from four fashionable premium color variations.

JVC Headphones: HA-FX41W

The HA-FX41W are wireless JVC headphones that offer a comfortable and secure fit with Air Cushion support structure. If you are planning to shop for a pair of JVC headphones that can give you enough comfort for long listening enjoyment, the HA FX41W is an ideal choice. It also has noise cancelling features so you can enjoy music without any interruption, whether you are in the car, on a camp site, on the train, etc.

With this pair of JVC headphones, you can enjoy high quality sound with a long battery life of 24 hours. It also has an IPX4 rating which means that this pair of JVC headphones has water resistance in the forms of sweat, rain and minimal splashing of water.

JVC Headphones: HA-AE1W

If you’re looking for JVC headphones that are made for sport, the HA-AE1W means business. They are wireless sport headphones that are specially designed for runners or people with an active lifestyle with the Aero Slim design. A brief information about the Aero Slim design – it reduces wind noise and air drag that may cause stress and discomfort to runners who are using headphones while running. Thanks to the Aero Slim design, this air of JVC headphones can provide concentration that runners need by suppressing landing and wind noise. The open-type design of this JVC headphones also allows ambient noise while running.

A Sound Choice: JVCKenwood

You might be wondering what’s the deal with JVCKenwood products. Actually, JVC Kenwood Corporation, is a merger of Victor Company of Japan, LTd and Kenwood Corporation that took place on October 2008.

A lot  of people with different lifestyles prefer JVC headphones and other audio products because they don’t only sound good to the ear, it also has a wide range of products (wireless, noise cancelling, Bluetooth, etc) at a good price. For more information about JVC headphones, site projector, audio products and receivers, you can visit JVC’s official website. You can order the featured products on Amazon.com with minimal shipping fees.