Not all want to shell out $300 or more for a pair of premium Bluetooth headphones. Fortunately, companies like JBL are producing high quality yet affordable models and the JBL E55BT is our featured product for this article. The JBL E55BT is an over-ear headphone and is tagged as JBL’s top-rated model in the value E-series line of wireless headphones. The JBL E55BT is the successor of the E50BT and has a price tag of $150. It is available in multiple colors, perfect for a person who likes to mix and match.

The JBL E55BT is not really a stunner in terms of build or sound quality, it’s still a very likable headphone that can deliver decent sound, comfort, long battery life all combined with an attractive design. At moderate volumes, the battery life of the JBL E55BT can last for 20 hours. The Bluetooth easily pairs and re-pairs with iPhone and Samsung devices. If there were any Bluetooth hiccups or error experienced in this model, they were very minimal and unsubstantial.

JBL E55BT Usage

The JBL E55BT has integrated music control buttons located on the right ear cup together with a built-in microphone for taking/making a call. It also comes with a detachable fabric cable featuring a one-button remote that can be used for wired listening. Don’t go searching for an included carrying case because there’s none included.

JBL E55BT Sound Signature and Performance

With powerful 50mm drivers, the JBL E55BT provides a strong sound signature with rich bass but still manages to sound far from being muddy, dirty or boomy. It gives out good bass, but there are other headphones in the market that can offer better bass –  you get what we mean? 

You’ll find the vocals in the midrange and it sounds natural, not overly aggressive. Audiophiles can note a slight treble push which makes the audio of the JBL E55BT sound fairly detailed and bright. The overall sound playback of the JBL E55BT provides a fairly dynamic audio but if you’ll ask us, it falls a bit short compared to other top rating headphones that have a richer and more refined sound quality.

The supra aural design of the JBL E55BT helps provide a good seal to isolate the listener from the environment which may be attributed to the bass. A wider soundstage is aso produced, giving the listener an illusion of a 3-D space by using the natural contours of the human ear. JBL seems to have maximized the information about the human anatomy and incorporated it to their device to produce a natural hearing process.

JBL E55BT Extra Features

If you are expecting the JBL E55BT to have an extra bonus feature such as active noise cancellation, prepare to be disappointed. The cousin of the JBL E55BT, the Everest Elite 700 wireless Bluetooth headphone has this feature, but it turns out that the only thing the two devices share are some design traits, which fall predominantly on a plastic make.

The JBL E55BT works well as a headset but we would advise you to manage your expectations when it comes to the overall performance and don’t go comparing it to higher end headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 and the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 and. The aforementioned competitor devices come with an expensive dual microphone which the JBL E55BT does not have. With the JBL E55BT, you only get the basic essentials – a micro USB charging cable and a 3.5mm stereo jack.

We’d like to think that the JBL E55BT is JBL’s answer to the clamor of the consumers to provide an E-series line, a plastic collection that aims to meet the needs of a specific customer by providing pocket-friendly Bluetooth products without compromising functionality and sound quality. At a glance, the JBL E55BT seems to be a jack of all trades, performing decently enough in almost every category and has a good track record in terms of custom reviews since it was launched.

Who are the JBL E55BT for?

The JBL E55BT is a good choice for a person who is on the lookout for affordable headphones that offer good sound quality paired with decent build. Students will surely enjoy the JBL E55BT and can even choose among the vibrant colors available – white, blue, teal, red and black. The Bluetooth feature is a good feature, solving the problem of having to deal with cumbersome wires and fixing the headphones as they transfer from one class to another.

Commuters can also benefit from the JBL E55BT with its impressive sound isolation and effective clamping force that ensures ambient noise is filtered without causing headaches. The option to switch from one device to another is also a great function especially if you are watching your favorite TV shows on your tablet or listening to a song and you receive a call on your phone. With the JBL E55BT, you don’t have to worry about fumbling to answer a call, thanks to the MultiConnect button.

JBL E55BT: Build and Design

The JBL E55BT are technically classified as budget headphones, and it’s appearance is a pretty clear sign. Made of plastic, the housing of the JBL E55BT tends to squeak and creak in the hand. It has a soft to the touch, fabric headband to match the tangle-free cable, which is a cute feature, but it fails to provide cushioning. Normally, this would be a problem for persons who have low tolerance for headphone clamping discomfort but thanks to the ergonomic weight distribution applied to the JBL E55BT, it can be worn for a couple of hours without any fatigue on the wearer.

You may also find the synthetic protein leather found on the earpads of the JBL E55BT to be somewhat familiar; this is actually following the footprint of Beyerdynamic’s DT 240 PRO. This is JBL’s way of keeping the costs down, making the device appealing to a wider range of customers.

The good thing is, the JBL E55BT can fold flat up to the hinges, which is pretty nice if you have limited space in your backpack. The right earcup houses the power switch, MultiConnect button and basic playback controls. Some may find it difficult to adjust to the working setup of the three playback controls and end up making a trial and error process.

JBL E55BT Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, the JBL E55BT can offer 20 hours battery life with moderate volume levels. You may scoff at moderate volume levels, but take note that 50 level volume in JBL E55BT is already quite loud. If ever you run out of battery, you need around two hours of charging via Micro USB to keep them working again.

Is the JBL E55BT worth buying?

If you are a stickler for headphones with a sleek and sophisticated appearance, the JBL E55BT is far from that. It gives more on a vibe that’s young, vibrant and well, plastic. The good thing about the JBL E55BT is that if you are willing to look beyond its make and appearance, you’ll be surprised that it is actually a worthy adversary of similarly priced alternatives.