If you are looking for a cutting edge pair of headphones that geniously combines guitar amp and FX, the Boss Waza Air headphones might just be the ideal item for you. Boss Waza Air headphones gives listeners an incredible control over tone, opening a wide, if not limitless, spectrum of creative exploration. This set of headphones features more than 50 novel, tweakable effects and five awesome customizable amp combinations.

The Boss Waza Air headphone amplifier combines Boss’ cutting edge spatial technology, ground-breaking wireless technology and premium sounds produced from the Katana amplifier series, turning your listening experience into a serious personal practice like no other. The Boss Waza Air headphones are considered to be studio quality headphones thanks to its innovative 3D algorithms, unmatched audio quality and low latency WL-T wireless transmitter. If you’re looking for the best headphones to infuse space and life in your practice sessions, the Boss Waza Air headphones are an ideal choice as it can perfectly simulate three unique performance environments.

Boss Waza Air Headphones: Wireless Freedom To Rock Out

Let’s be realistic here – while it’s just seems so much fun and entertaining to go on an electrical guitar rock out metal frenzy, there are times when you need to be quiet especially if you are living with your family (especially with kids), or in a shared flat or with a roommate. That being said, the Boss Waza Air headphones are like a godsend for situations when you want to enjoy playing music at your own sound level.

Boss Waza Air headphones are equipped with the expert technology of the WL series, giving a listener the freedom to practice on the guitar freely and get lost in the music without having to worry about getting caught up in a bunch of cords, cable and wires.

What makes the Boss Waza Air headphones a crowd favorite is that even if it’s wireless, the audio quality is not really compromised; it still offers premium sound and ultra low latency levels for an enjoyable, immersive sound experience.

Boss Waza Air Headphones & Guitar Headphones Stereotypes

For many years, music players and guitar enthusiasts seem to agree on one thing – that playing guitar through a headphone is not really an enjoyable experience. Several companies have attempted (and iconically failed) to address this issue and it was only until Boss Waza Air headphones were released that people started to believe that yes, the stereotype of having an underwhelming experience while playing a guitar through headphones may just be erased.

A juicy bit of information – Boss is noted to be the first manufacturer of headphones to build a guitar amp directly into its headphones. Plus, the Boss Waza Air headphones are cleverly designed to make its listeners feel like they are actually playing an instrument with an actual amp rather than hearing an annoying raw guitar signal.

Boss Waza Air Headphones – Wearable Katana Amp

The Boss Waza Air headphones, in all its splendor, may be likened to a wearable version of a Katana amp. For those who are quite hesitant to purchase Boss Waza Air headphones because of its price, it’s actually a pretty good purchase considering that aside from the awesome sound quality, the headphones are also equipped with more than 50 effects from the Katana lineup plus five amp models to choose from.

The package has two parts – the wireless transmitter that is plugged in the guitar (or any instrument that can accommodate an audio out jack) and the headphones.

Boss Waza Air Headphones Batteries

The transmitter and the headphones of Boss Waza Air headphones have built-in rechargeable, lithium ion batteries. It can provide up to five hours of continuous use, perfect for practice extensions or extended jam sessions.

Boss Waza Air Headphones have a 6.3 mm stereo jack for transmitter input and it also has a Micro-USB B charge port (DC IN 5V.)


Boss Waza Air Headphones Bluetooth

Since the Boss Waza Air headphones are Bluetooth compatible, listeners can enjoy playing along with their favorite tunes or songs. The Waza Air can also be used to stream audio from practically any mobile devices. Users can also control the volume and playback directly from the built-in controls of the Boss Waza Air headphones.

Hyper-realistic 3D Modeling With the Boss Waza Air Headphones

Technically, headphone amps are ideal for users who just want to play or practice peacefully without disturbing roommates, family, neighbors and the like – pretty much for solo practice sessions. That being said, users know all too well that headphone amps totally lack the immersive and visceral effect of playing through a room.

Boss Waza Air headphones aim to bring a full, surround sound sensation of performing on a live stage or venue instead of just playing solo in a room. Thanks to its highly advanced 3D algorithm features and diverse FX tones, Boss Waza Air headphones take you into a whole new virtual performance space.

Boss Waza Air Headphones Hyper-Realistic Environments

As mentioned earlier, Boss Waza Air headphones offer three hyper realistic environments suited for different users’ preference: Surround mode, Static mode and Stage mode.

Surround Mode gives its users a whole new immersive experience, similar to playing in a world-class, entertainment studio. From the name of the mode itself, this makes you feel like the sound is enveloping you as you play the instrument.

Static Mode lets its users get into a trumped up live experience, as if they are moving in a physical space. This mode on the Boss Waza Air headphones uses the integrated gyro sensor to track the head movements and combine it with the room sounds and combined app.

Stage Mode simulates a live venue performance, giving users the joy of practicing with an electric guitar in a virtual full-stage mode. This mode is ideal for when you want to stream your favorite song from your phone via Bluetooth and then play along with it.

Boss Waza Air Headphones Stage Class Katana Amps

Boss Waza Air headphones are really worth its price because of its numerous premium features, led by the stage class Katana amplifiers. It is also a favorite among the audiophile community and forum thanks to its more than 50 available effects on the amplifiers.

The virtual environments of Boss Waza Air headphones can produce a variety of sound patches, from crisp and clean chimes to high-gain distortion. Users can also play with the sounds using modulation, delay or reverb effects.

Numerous users and loyalists of the Boss Waza Air headphones have long been praising this product in several community forum and online discussion or exchange. The effects and amps are customizable, and the free Boss Tone studio application also offers ready-to-play, out of the box presets.

The Boss Tone Studio app featured on Boss Waza Air headphones also allows users to mix and match up to three different effects, modify the EQ and choose their preferred amp.

Boss Waza Air Headphones Design and Build

Boss Waza Air headphones are equipped with a 50mm driver, equipped to produce full, rich sound for music listening and guitar playing. The earpads are housed in a wide headband and the headphones have an overall rugged build that can be mistaken as something that can be used for an outdoor gig.

Boss Waza Air headphones are compact and can be easily folded for easy storage. The earpieces can also be swiveled into a flat orientation, convenient for storing in a guitar bag or pocket.

Is the Boss Waza Air Headphones Comfortable?

Now that we’ve pretty much covered the technical and spatial specs of the Boss Waza Air headphones, let’s delve into its comfort factor. Most consumers who shop for headphones consider the comfort factor second to the technical specs. And it’s quite logical to do so, considering that it will be propped on the ears/head for a couple of hours or so. The higher the frequency of usage, the more a headphone needs to be snug and comfortable.

That being said, the Boss Waza Air headphones are lighter and cozier than expected. Of course, knowing that they’re working as a headphone and an amp as one, it would be foolish to expect this product to be featherweight.

If you’re familiar with V-Moda headphones, you can pretty much expect some similarities (especially in terms with engineering), between V-Moda and Boss Waza Air headphones because they are manufactured by sister companies.

Can You Stream Audio/Video From Boss Waza Air Headphones?

The answer is a flat out no. Boss Waza Air headphones are designed for solo practicing or quiet jam sessions, and nothing else.

Is Boss Waza Air Headphones Worth Its Price?

As of writing, Boss Waza Air Headphones are priced at $399.99 or let’s round it up to $400, and some may cringe at its price point. However, if you need a decent set of guitar amp that will allow you to play a guitar (or any other instrument for that matter) that won’t disturb your room mate or neighbor, Boss Waza Air headphones are worth a try, Plus, it also doubles as a regular Bluetooth headphone which means that you can stream music or videos or any kind of audio on your mobile phones if you’re done fiddling with your instruments, so that’s another bonus point.

There are also numerous Youtube videos giving mixed reviews of the Boss Waza Air headphones. Not all consumers are on the same page with the Boss Waza Air headphones; some advice against it while some are also all praises for the Boss Waza Air headphones. At the end of the day, it just really depends on your needs and required specs, and we hope that this article helped you in deciding.

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