It’s pretty safe to say that Beats headphones are everywhere – at the gym, on the heads of star athletes and celebrities or people you travel with on your daily commute. This precedence is not really surprising as Beats Electronics has sold more than 30 million units of mainstream on-ear Solo headphones throughout the years. Recently, the company has invested in noise cancelling technology with the Beats Solo Pro carrying the new generation of products that the company has to offer.

The Powerbeats Pro was actually the first product that was designed in collaboration with Apple Inc. while the Beats Solo Pro is the pioneering headphones built from the ground with the collaboration of engineers from Beats and Apple Inc. Technically, Beats headphones now contain the Apple silicon while the H1 chip is already infused in the Solo Pros, similar to the AirPods. Beats headphones go through the same process of quality assurance with Apple products and if users experience some issues, they can simply bring it to the nearest Apple store rather than packing and mailing them as required by other manufacturers.

Generally, the Beats Solo Pro is a product that offers decent noise cancellation. It also offers a balanced sound profile, durability and lengthy battery life. Admittedly, it faces a lot of competition in the market, but the way we see it, the Beats Solo Pro is a pretty strong contender that can be as prevalent as its predecessors and beat out its competition.

Beats Solo Pro Design

The Beats Solo Pro has a design that leans into a more refined version of its predecessors. Gone are the glossy, greatest plastics from the Beats Solo 3 as they have been replaced by an exposed aluminum and matte textures. Don’t be deceived though, the Beats Solo Pro is still made predominantly of plastic but they now feel more robust and sturdier than the Beats Solo 3.

The Beats Solo Pro also comes with 40mm drivers but with new bits and pieces. The earcups also got an upgrade with a 70% increase in surface area compared to the Solo 3. There’s also more padding with the Beats Solo Pro, providing better seal and comfort. The Beats Solo Pro is also a popular choice for the gym and running so it’s a good thing that the company has made some internal adjustments to improve the sweat resistance factor of this item. In short, the Beats Solo Pro may not have undergone a major physical makeover but its internal changes makes it deserving of its $300 price tag.

Beats Solo Pro Case

The Beats Solo Pro comes in a soft, felt-like case which is actually made from recycled materials, making it a plus point for individuals who support the drive for saving the environment. Don’t consider the case to be super protective – it’s just there to make it easier to stow away the Beats Solo Pro in a bag.

When you take the headphones out of the case, you can turn it on by simply unfolding it. Yes, you read that right – the Beats Solo Pro has no power button. If you want to turn it on, unfold it; if you want to turn it off, just close it up again. To save your battery life, make sure to always fold the Beats Solo Pro when not in use.

Beats Solo Pro Connectivity

The H1 chip of Apple allows seamless pairing of Beats Solo Pro with a nearby iPad or iPhone. Once paired, the headphones are then automatically saved across all Apple devices. With the Beats Solo Pro, you can enjoy hands-free Siri voice commands. 

Additionally, the Beats Solo Pro also supports the new audio sharing feature offered by the iOS 13, where you and a friend who has AirPods or a recent Beats model can listen to the same song or watch YouTube videos, TV shows or movies together.

If you are an Android user, don’t fret because the Beats Solo Pro can also work perfectly with your phone or other Android devices. Beats offers an Android app to facilitate quick pairing, cutting you the hassle of going through the regular Bluetooth menu manually. Installation of firmware updates can also be done through the app.

The Beats Solo Pro charges with a Lightning connector and while that isn’t really a problem, some users are wishing that it would offer a USB-C charging. Meanwhile, the Beats Solo Pro also comes with a small cable for non iPhone or iOs users.

On another note, you may have been aware of Apple’s evolution that ended up killing the headphone jack. Well, the Beats Solo Pro was not an exempted target, and this unit has no 3.5mm input. If you want to use the Beats Solo Pro wired to enjoy pure sound quality or simply because the battery died, you will have to order a cable from Apple that works as an aux cord with a Lightning on the other side – that will cost you $35. Perhaps this is Apple’s way of convincing their clients to go fully wireless. If you think that shelling out an extra $35 dollar is an unnecessary cost, you can try to browse third party, class 1 versions found in but they are still pretty pricey so you might as well purchase directly from Apple for full product transparency.

Beats Solo Pro Fit and Comfort

The Beats Solo Pro may not bring the same amount of comfort it intends to individuals with big heads. In fact, even individuals with regular sized heads have observed that the Beats Solo Pro had a tight fit especially if it’s new. The clamping force of the Beats Solo Pro is quite substantial and there’s actually a reason behind that – it’s the manufacturer’s way of providing effective noise cancellation with the ear pads pressed firmly against the ears for a good seal. The tight clamp also helps prevent long hair or glasses from interfering with noise cancellation; however, this is a red flag for individuals with big heads.

While we are sure that Beats Electronics and Apple Inc. have worked on this design with good intentions, it’s quite sad that the Beats Solo Pro ends up being fatiguing or uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. Of course, it’s good to know that once you break into the headphones, the fit becomes more and more comfortable as you wear it, but it would suffice to say that comfort is one aspect that the Beats Solo Pro cannot win out.

Beats Solo Pro – Beats First On-Ear Headphones

The Beats Solo Pro is quite special for a reason, it’s actually the company’s first venture into active noise cancellation products. Technically, it works the same way as most top rating Studio headphones – it analyzes ambient noise with the built-in microphone and cancels out the external noises and low rumbles. The process happens automatically and users cannot really control the level of noise cancellation unlike those headphones from Bose, Sony, Microsoft and Sennheiser.

The Beats Solo Pro can also monitor what a user is hearing to ensure that the noise cancellation is not messing or distorting the music playback by smartly comparing the waveform of the audio with ANC to the original source file in real time and then automatically making subtle adjustments as needed.


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