The Status Audio CB-1 headphones have a market value of $79. These are closed-back headphones with no logo or branding, which is how most Status products are designed. For additional product information, all Status products are made by a different company. Let’s put it this way – Status products are from a Chinese company named Somic. Status applies their own product tweaks, design and packaging before putting the products in the market.

The Status Audio CB-1 boasts of 50mm drivers and comes with two removable cables that’s packaged in a nice box. Most, if not all of the parts are made of plastic, but with it’s super affordable price tag, we’re not complaining.

Status Audio CB-1 Sound Quality

If you want to get the most sound quality without spending a lot of money, you’ll surely be delighted with what Status Audio CB-1 headphones have to offer. The Status Audio CB-1 delivers a neutral, studio style sound with a nice bass that is extended but not overpowering. The highs are sharp and revealing, playing on the borderline fatigue range while the mid-range audio is natural and crisp.

Of course, it would be wise not expect the Status Audio CB-1 to perform just like the professionals in the market. Purists and audiophiles may hear some recording errors and file distortion, so we would suggest that you do not use the Status Audio CB-1 with low quality audio. 

The soundstage of the Status Audio CB-1 is wide and nice, which is a surprising feature considering the reputation of closed-back pairs. The wide soundstage and the upper-end detail makes the Status Audio CB-1 a nice model for gaming. Meanwhile, the sound signature of the Status Audio CB-1 is quite similar to that of Audio Technica M20x and M50x. 

The highs and upper mids have enough detail that’s decent enough for professional area, and there’s also ample bass to keep things interesting. If you are a consumer who is a bit sensitive and prone to listening fatigue due to high frequencies, it would be wise to shop for another model.

Status Audio CB-1: Comfort

Status Audio CB-1 uses softer and bigger ear pads compared to the ones shown on the website or The ear pads have an angled and ergonomic design, with the front curved lower than the back side to boost comfort by following the curve of the human ear.

The ear pads of the Status Audio CB-1 is not just for show – they are actually soft and plush, designed to provide enough room for the ears. The circular outer shape may pose some issues in getting the right seal but with the right fiddling, customers can eventually the right fit in the bag. In terms of comfort, the Status Audio CB-1 seems to be well thought of, posing no issues for people who are wearing glasses. Plus, it also doesn’t cause any hot areas even after wearing the headphones for a couple of hours. In terms of comfort, this is one of the best models in the budget price range.

Status Audio CB-1: Isolation

Take the closed back design and the huge padded cups as a sign that the Status Audio CB-1 packs in some pretty decent isolation. The trick here is, you must get a good seal first.

Status Audio CB-1: Design and Build

When it comes to headphones, there’s a mixing of different premium elements that need to be factored in – sound quality, price, value for money, branding, stylish design. Professionals demand for a premium product but are also aware of the price – but what about consumers who are on a budget? Well, this is where products like Status Audio CB-1 enter the scene.

For a friendly price tag, this model offers a generic yet decent sound, and while it does not have the branding that most big headphone brands offer, the product performance speaks for itself. With the Status Audio CB-1, there’s no physical branding or logo you can see on the model. At a glance, they just look like normal audio headphones, and the ear cup and headband have a slight resemblance to Audio-Technica models. The back of the ear cups have a fancy gold metal finish that’s sprayed onto the plastic. Don’t take this as a sign of tackiness though, because it looks absolutely fine, sharing that photo finish, finely-brushed look.

Status Audio CB-1: Features and Extras

Along with the unit itself, you get two additional cables in the box – a 1.2m coiled cable and a 3m straight cable.

Is the Status Audio CB-1 worth the money?

For purists, audiophiles and sound engineers, we would have to say that the Status Audio CB-1 would probably be getting mixed reviews. However, for consumers who are on a budget and simply want to enjoy decent audio for listening to music, gaming, watching TV or YouTube videos, the Status Audio CB-1 is a good choice. It has decent sound performance and offers an overall comfortable fit that’s well worth its price tag.