When it comes to noise cancelling headphones, the Sony WH-1000XM3 usually comes to mind. However, that model has a pretty high price tag at $350, so if you are a customer who doesn’t desire or have the means to spend that much on a pair of headphones but still would like to use something from the brand, you can check out the Sony WH-CH700N. This wireless model supports integrated Siri and Google Assistant for notification readouts and hands-free commands. The Siri integration is really a plus because not all headphones in the same price range offer that kind of support. The Sony WH-CH700N also has an excellent battery life which is ideal for on-the-go listeners.

Sony WH-CH700N is designed as an over ear headphone that can easily be tagged as a more affordable option for individuals who like the WH-1000XM3 but are short on budget. Since it is a much affordable option, there are some features in the WH-1000XM3 that are not included in the Sony WH-CH700N. In this case, the noise cancelling performance is lacking and the comfort levels are not really at par with what the WH-1000XM3 have to offer. However, the Sony WH-CH700N has a lighter weight and it supports aptX HD, too.

Sony WH-CH700N – How Is It Built

Sony WH-CH700N is made of lightweight plastic with ear cups that swivel, making it a great travel companion. Each ear cup has an oval cushion which is moderately comfortable. The padding is not deep enough to prevent the driver grill from causing irritation to the outer ear. This wireless headset is also not recommended for users who wear glasses because discomfort might be felt in the long run.

While the Sony WH-CH700N is lightweight enough to be a great travel companion, it needs to have softer and deeper cushions to be more comfortable to wear. While comfort isn’t really the highlight feature of the Sony WH-CH700N, the playback control gives a brighter note to this product, making the operation easy. Unlike other headphones that have different functions for one tap and two taps, each function of the Sony WH-CH700N has a dedicated button to avoid confusion.

The noise cancelling button can also be reconfigured so that a user can access Alexa or Google Assistant via the Sony Headphones app. You can also EQ the device via the said app. This is one of the features that we love because there are times when we prefer to have the noise cancelling off. 

The aesthetic of the Sony WH-CH700N is pretty basic – it comes in color black and has a swivel design for its ear cups. One of its closest competitor is the Sennheiser HD 4.40

Sony WH-CH700N Amazon Integration and Google Assistant

One of the specifications of the Sony WH-CH700N that makes activities in a busy life easier is the Amazon Integration and Google Assistant. Incoming texts can be read aloud while you are busy with other tasks even if your smartphone is in another room. Consider it as a premium wireless feature for its affordable price. The good thing about the Sony WH-CH700N is that it is compatible with smartphones that run on iOs and Android.

Sony WH-CH700N Battery Life

Battery life is one of the reasons why the Sony WH-CH700N is one of the top rating devices, not only in our page but in other review forums and discussions as well. With a playback time of 35 hours, you’ll definitely be free from worries when it comes to running out of juice to play music and videos while on the go.

The micro-USB input may be a minor inconvenience for some but it can be easily overlooked with its amazing playback hours. The USB cable doubles as a charger and as a data USB. If you forget to charge the rechargeable battery overnight, a short 10 minute-charge can already give you an hour of playback. 

Sony WH-CH700N Connectivity

Sony WH-CH700N supports aptX HD which can combat audio-visual latency. If you prefer wireless connection stability rather than sound quality, you can tweak the Sony Headphones app since it can be customizable. If all else fails, you can still use the traditional wired option that can accommodate any codec as long as your smartphone allows it.

The microphone of the Sony WH-CH700N gives an average performance, just like how most Bluetooth microphone headphones work . It has an integrated microphone that allows users to answer calls while on the go. It also doesn’t have an inline remote control/microphone or USB adapter. It supports NFC but the commands may be a bit finicky at times especially if the smartphone does not have compatible links to NFC.

Sony WH-CH700N Sound Quality

You know you’ve landed one of the great deals when you score a headphone with great sound quality. The Sony WH-CH700N has a neutral midrange frequency response that has a slightly under emphasized low end. If your preferred music content leans more on vocal-heavy, indie or acoustic, the Sony WH-CH700N will be a great choice for you to enjoy engaging sound. However, if you like electronic or hip-hop music, the sound may seem a bit underwhelming. The bass response may also appear to be a bit lacking especially when it is compared to mid frequency and treble frequency.

The dynamic drivers of the Sony WH-CH700N are angled to be parallel with the ear canal to take full advantage of the human ear anatomy, which effectively leverages the soundwaves to the pinna before entering the inner ear. As mentioned earlier in the article, the noise cancelling features and the isolation or attenuation of the Sony WH-CH700N is not as good as the Sony WH-1000XM3. However, this can still be a good budget alternative for when you just need something to use to drown out the noisy environment while on an airplane or on a long commute. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, the Sony WH-CH700N is highly recommended for travelers.

Sony WH-CH700N: Our Verdict

In terms of performance, battery life, and sound quality, we think that the Sony WH-CH700N is well worth its price. The positioning of the playback controls is also very user friendly and fuss-free which is a plus for us. We hope that this review has provided you with the information that you need. You can purchase or order this product from authorized sellers on Amazon Prime US. You may visit the official site of Sony for more information about the product. 

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