Whether it’s for music, audio books, podcast or even just for some good old peace and quiet, earbuds and headphones have been playing a big role for people to enjoy audio. Through constant innovation and technology updates, there are lots of different types of earbuds available in the market, each model offering unique features, fit and design.

If you are looking for earbuds who offer improved sound quality, or who have an ergonomic fit, there are several types of earbuds that can offer a wide range of options for audio lovers. In this article, we will be featuring types of earbuds along with its specific fit. Hopefully, this will guide you in making an informed decision on your next earbuds purchase.

Ever heard of love at first sound? That may just be the case when you encounter the Phonak Audeo Marvel otherwise known as the Phonak Audeo M. The technology offered by Phonak Audeo Marvel is no less like first-class, high quality hearing aids, giving a consumer a rich, clear and premium stereo sound experience.

The Phonak Audeo Marvel is a rich combination of modern, first-class technology and the product is a multifunctional hearing aid that delivers high quality, optimal performance and stereo sound quality.

In this article, we will be highlighting the features of the Phonak Audeo Marvel to give you pertinent information and to help you make a better and well-informed purchase, whether online or through a physical store or clinic.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Sound Quality

Part of the commitment of the makers of hearing aids in the industry is to make hearing easier for a patient or consumer. With the Phonak Audeo Marvel, a patient can enjoy better speech understanding with less listening effort.

Users love the Phonak Audeo Marvel because it gives an instant solution to hearing issues from the first fit thanks to the combined modern technology and trademark functional innovation that the company has worked on. Expect to hear well in different listening environments and situation, even if its bombarded with background noise or other loud sounds.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Connectivity

Phonak is known to be a leading provider of hearing aids in the industry, with most of its models tagged as the top selling products in the market. The Phonak Audeo Marvel is one of the top selling devices and it is not really surprising why consumers love it.

In terms of connectivity, the Phonak Audeo Marvel can directly connect to either Android, iOs, iPhone, or any other wireless Bluetooth enabled devices or smartphone. You can also use the Phonak Audeo Marvel for streaming music, hands-free calls, watching a movie, playing computer video games, listening to TV, online Youtube videos, podcast, e-book and so much more. Take note that you may need to use a Phonak Television connector depending on the model of your TV.

If before, you were hesitant in watching your favorite TV show or lost interest in playing a YouTube video because of hearing difficulties, the Phonak Audeo Marvel will certainly change the way you think, hear and feel thanks to its premium features, functions and hassle-free connectivity.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Batteries

Phonak Audeo Marvel comes with rechargeable technology that offers a quick charge for a full day. You can stream music or audio from any kind of platform and without worrying about constant recharging.

Phonak Audeo Marvel myPhonak App

Almost all devices of this generation run on different apps; did you know that the Phonak Audeo Marvel takes the user’s experience further with their proprietary myPhonak app? With the myPhonak app, users can personalize their hearing experience by having the freedom to adjust their hearing aids according to their specific needs. The Remote Control function is definitely a great addition to the service that Phonak Audeo Marvel is providing to its users.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Roger Microphone

Roger is known to be the optimal solution to increase speech understanding in a loud environment and over a significant distance. Phonak Audeo Marvel allows direct streaming of Roger microphones, a sign that this device is really built with function and efficiency in mind. The Roger technology is popular in the US for helping individuals hear audio even in challenging listening environments such as work, meetings, restaurants and school activities to boost the hearing and communication abilities of the wearer despite background noise.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Audéo M-312 runs on 312 zinc air batteries and is suited for people who are diagnosed with mild to profound hearing loss. It can be connected directly to Android and iOs devices. Meanwhile, the 312-T model comes with a telecoil.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Audéo M-R is powered by a built-in, rechargeable lithium ion battery and is suited for mild to profound hearing loss. Just like the Phonak Audeo Marvel M-312, it can also connect directly to Android and iOs devices. Meanwhile, the M-RT model comes with a telecoil.

Phonak Audeo Marvel Audéo M-13T runs on 13 zinc air battery, can directly connect to Android and iOs devices and comes with a telecoil.

Phonak Audeo Marvel – Award Winning Piece

Phonak Audeo Marvel received the Innovation Award Honoree in the Accessibility category in the CES 2019. The CES Innovation Awards is the world’s leading awards program for consumer technology. The ground breaking Marvel technology that offers universal Bluetooth wireless connectivity has been recognized to be the world’s first in terms of providing full support to binaural direct streaming from iPhone, Android and other devices that support the Bluetooth platform. If you’re looking for a device that ticks the box in terms of consumer technology, the Phonak Audeo Marvel is the device to beat.

Is Phonak Audeo Marvel Worth the Money?

When it comes to hearing devices, the prices are quite higher compared to traditional or regular headphone models. Since the price range of these kinds of devices are quite pricey, it is very understandable that a consumer must be sure of the technology, features, apps and operating system that he or she will be purchasing along with the product, leaving little to no room for trial and error. That being said, the Phonak Audeo Marvel gets our two thumbs up, thanks to its advanced features that offer better speech and conversations that gives a user more time to enjoy intimate conversations or meetings and less time trying to catch different body signals just to catch up with or learn about what’s going on real-time. Of course, you also have to take care of the device to protect it from damage. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a must or you may call your audiologist for a device checkup if you think there’s a sign that something is off with the audio or Phonak Audeo Marvel unit.

Whether you are planning to purchase the Phonak Audeo Marvel for yourself or someone you love or care about, it is truly a great investment – put simply, a device that keeps on giving. The Phonak Audeo Marvel is not just a great hearing aid, it’s more than that – maybe that’s why it’s called Marvel? Who knows? The only thing we know is that it’s really great value for your money.

The Phonak Audeo Marvel may come with a pretty hefty price tag, but realistically speaking, it’s starting price at $1,399 is worth the investment because it is actually jam packed with so many practical features that can bridge the gaps in your communication and daily conversations. Whether you’ll be using the Phonak Audeo Marvel at school, at work, or at home, you can rely on it to give you the best hearing experience for better relationships and connections.