These days, JBL seems to produce more true wireless earphones than its competition. It’s model name already gives a preview of what its features are; the JBL Reflect Flow are waterproof in-ear headphones that are aimed to please people who love to tote around gym headphones. The JBL Reflect Flow has big, boosted bass that’s perfect for workouts. The earphone also delivers an impressively secure fit. The JBL Reflect Flow also offers an Ambient Aware mode, allowing users to hear the surroundings in case they need to. Truth be told, JBL Reflect Flow is one of the most solid and preferred contenders in the market of gym headphones.

JBL Reflect Flow: Design

The JBL Reflect Flow is available in teal, green, blue and black. At first glance, the JBL Reflect Flow looks large but don’t be fooled – these are ergonomic earphones that have a lightweight build.

The JBL Reflect Flow also has ear fins that come in three sizes in addition to the ear tips. This means that the manufacturer designed this stylish product to give consumers the right fit, perfect for intense workouts or active lifestyle. Plus, users can also mix and match the ear tips and ear fins to fully maximize the fit.

JBL Reflect Flow: IPX7 Rating

The JBL Reflect Flow is perfect for the exercising crowd, with a rating of IPX7, which means that this product can be submerged in water. To be precise, we wouldn’t really recommend that you use the JBL Reflect Flow for swimming, but based on the device information, they can withstand being submerged in water up to a meter depth. In addition, the JBL Reflect Flow can also handle pressure from faucet rinsing or heavy rain. It is worth noting that the case of the JBL Reflect Flow is not waterproof, so don’t put wet earphones or else the warranty will definitely be compromised.

Now that we’re on the topic of charging cases, it’s worth mentioning that it’s very compact and sturdy. But then again, don’t take it as a sign that it’s waterproof. The charging case of JBL Reflect Flow has a flip top lid that opens and closes with ease. Below the micro USB charging port, you can see status LEDs. 

JBL Reflect Flow: Battery Life

According to the product specifications, the JBL Reflect Flow has 10 hours of battery life, with an extra 20 hours waiting inside the case. Realistically speaking, the numbers are quite good for a true wireless in-ear model.

Keep in mind though, that while the JBL Reflect Flow can really go that far in terms of battery life, you also need to consider the volume levels, which will have a big impact on the battery life. However, given that we shave a couple of hours from the actual battery life, the JBL Reflect Flow can still deliver around 7-8 hours of playback, which is still worth getting a good review from us.

JBL Reflect Flow: Performance

In terms of performance, there’s no doubt that the JBL Reflect Flow can deliver. Equipped with 5.8mm drivers, this earphone can deliver a frequency range of 20Hz-20kHz. When tracks with intense bass are played, the JBL Reflect Flow can deliver thunderous and powerful bass seamlessly. If you are a fan of Beats Electronics, you will learn that the bass of the JBL Reflect Flow, which is of the same calibre.

If you are an audiophile or a purist, you may notice that the sound signature is not that accurate, but we give credit to the JBL Reflect Flow for not providing any audio distortion even at moderate volumes. The bass levels of the JBL Reflect Flow also match nicely with the sculpted highs.

JBL Reflect Flow: Our Verdict

The JBL Reflect Flow is the ideal pair of headphones for gym rats and people who live an active lifestyle, delivering deep bass and long battery life in a true wireless design that is secure with waterproof technology.