The Jaybird Vista is one of the popular true wireless headphones released in 2019. With a price tag of $180, it may be more on the expensive side but it is definitely appealing for consumers who want a totally wireless sport headphones that’s fully waterproof and discreet.

Jaybird Vista Fit and Comfort

In terms of fit and comfort, the Jaybird Vista is comfortable to wear and sits on the ears securely. It comes with three ear tip sizes and sports fin to help users get a secure fit and a tight seal. For its size, the Jaybird Vista is pretty lightweight and actually fits most ears better than Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Jaybird Vista: How long does the battery last?

The Jaybird Vista had some improvements in the battery life department. Playback time can run for six hours at moderate volume levels and the charging case can provide an additional 10 hours. The charging case, which charges via USB C is lightweight and has a compact design. The Jaybird Vista also has a quick charge feature; a five minute charge allows users to play music for about an hour. The case needs around two hours to get a full charge, packing an extra 10 hours of battery life for on-the-go listening.

Jaybird Vista Sound Quality

The audio performance of the Jaybird Vista is quite good, although it’s not really at par with premium totally wireless earphones in the market such as the Klipsch T5, Sony WF-1000XM3 or Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. Nevertheless, as long as you can get a tight seal in the ears, you can enjoy a great listening experience with warm, pleasant sound along with a well-defined bass.

In our experience, the Jaybird Vista works well as a headset but it’s not really that impressive especially if you’ll use it in a noisy environment. You can use each earbud independently or take a call in stereo. It has redesigned 6mm drivers that is mainly responsible for the sound performance.

Jaybird Vista Durability

One of the elements that you need to check before you purchase a certain product is its durability. This is not an exception for headphones, in fact, a durability test is well appreciated so that consumers can get an idea on the construction and overall build of a certain model. The Jaybird Vista seems durable and comes with a fully waterproof IPX7 certification. This means that you can use the Jaybird Vista during intense gym sessions or for a jog under the rain without having to worry about the device getting damaged from water, dust and moisture.

Jaybird Vista Connectivity

The wireless connection of the Jaybird Vista is pretty solid, a substantial evolution from the Jaybird Run. This model is powered by a new wireless chipset and Bluetooth 5.0 that boosts the connectivity. Users who are fond of watching movies, TV series or YouTube videos using their headset will surely enjoy the smooth sailing technology of the Jaybird Vista – no major latency issues to deal with. If you weren’t really satisfied with the Bluetooth performance of the Jaybird Run, you’ll be delighted with the upgrade of the Jaybird Vista. Connection strength is consistent thanks to the chipset update.

Jaybird Vista Design

The Jaybird Vista comes with physical buttons for playback control. The volume controls need to be programmed via the button controls app. You hold the right bud to increase volume and you press the left earbud to lower the volume.

The Jaybird Vista may not provide a perfect or Hi-Fi audio experience; in fact, they may not be as dynamic or detailed as high-end models in the market. However, if you are just looking for a casual listening experience, you can actually tweak the sound via the app and experiment with user-created EQ options. The Jaybird Vista already has some EQ presets, but you can actually think out of the box and explore more for a music adventure.

Is the Jaybird Vista Worth it?

Overall, the Jaybird Vista gives a decent performance in all aspects and can be considered as a legit upgrade over the Jaybird Run. The silicone earbuds and the case have received the major update in terms of design, making it an appealing choice for an athlete or runner. The Jaybird Vista is an appealing sport headphone that has a strategic design that will stay securely in place even during intense or rigorous activities. The Jaybird Vista is far from being perfect and it may also be a bit pricey compared to its counterparts, but if you are quick enough to check out some online deals on Amazon, you may just purchase this top rating headphone at a lower price. If you are on the lookout for true wireless sport silicone earbuds that have a good isolation, a great fit, a durable and lightweight build, the Jaybird Vista is a great package.