For people who have a hard time relaxing or shutting down a wired brain for sleep, solutions for insomnia are becoming more popular. Such is the case with Cozyphone, which is made to help the mind enter a state of calm by listening to music.

Who Are Cozyphones For?

Since Cozyphones are marketed as sleep headphones, it is designed for people who have a hard time falling asleep -child, teenage or adult. Fun fact – Cozyphones provide a solution for people who have a hard time sleeping because its founder was actually also someone who had trouble falling asleep at night. There’s no real and exact formula or advice for what makes sleep conducive for a person – it could be listening to audiobooks, podcasts, white noise, classical music, etc.

As time passed and the need for the product grew, Cozyphones decided to expand their line and make available sleep headphones for children. This is when Cozyphones totally penetrated the parenting world, and parents can’t seem to stop talking about the product.

How do Cozyphones Work?

In our review, Cozyphones are very easy to use. To ensure better sound quality with the Cozyphones, you need to adjust the earbud location in the band. The flat earbuds thread through the fleece headband.

Cozyphones Kids Collection

There are many brands out there that offer headphones for kids but one of the top parenting hacks for kids who are not really good sleepers is the Cozyphones. With many cute designs available for a parent to choose from, it’s no wonder that this product has sold like hotcakes.

Cozyphones Kids Collection is available in many different colors like blue, pink, purple or white. It also has a specific collection for Sesame Street, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Jojo Siwa and some Nickelodeon (Batman) characters. This is a great marketing strategy of Cozyphones because kids will be more open and content using a pair of headphones with a character design that they can see on TV.

Cozyphones Adult Collection

For the adult collection, Cozyphones have two main product categories – sleep and active. Cozyphones zero in on providing a set of affordable and high quality headphones designed primarily for bed – to alleviate the pain of not being able to sleep right away.

Cozyphones Sleep Collection

Before you try seeing a therapist to provide you a solution for not being able to sleep, you might want to check out Cozyphones Sleep Collection, which has three sub categories – Original, Wired Contour and Bluetooth Contour.

The Sleep collection is furthermore divided into three other collections: the Original Series, the Wired Contour Series, and the new Bluetooth Contour Series.

Cozyphones Original Series

This line comes with five original headband models and the ones with a low price tag among the other collections. It comes with a braided cord that feels durable and you can connect it to a mobile device with a 3.5mm jack. The speakers are positioned on both sides of the headband and the headband itself is removable and washable. The headband material is made from soft fleece and breathable mesh.

Cozyphones Wired Contour Series

This model comes with an ultra thin design which eliminates the problem of wearing headphones while sleeping on your back. We’re giving the Cozyphones a positive review when it comes to comfort, no doubt about that.

Cozyphones Wireless Contour Series

The Cozyphones Wireless Contour Series is considered to be the ultimate upgrade for the Wired and Original series. It bears all the tech characteristics of the Contour Series and users can feel free tossing and turning in the bed without worrying about wires. The Cozyphones Wireless Contour series can connect to a mobile device through Bluetooth. Because this device operates without a wire, the Cozyphones require battery charging every day, depending on its usage at night.

Cozyphones Active Series

Taking cue from its name, the Cozyphone Active Series provides a good performance while on the go. It can be used for biking, jogging, hiking or simply while driving or commuting. Of course, this is not like professional sport headphones out there, but long story short, it can still hammer the nail.