Whether it’s for music, audio books, podcast or even just for some good old peace and quiet, earbuds and headphones have been playing a big role for people to enjoy audio. Through constant innovation and technology updates, there are lots of different types of earbuds available in the market, each model offering unique features, fit and design.

In this article, we will be featuring Bose Hearphones – check out its features, performance, sound quality and more!

Bose Hearphones Review: How does it fare against other brands?

The human ear is an intricate part of the human body that needs extra care and protection. The desire to communicate speech effectively and have quality conversations with a fellow human being is highly needed for a satisfactory social experience, hence, the birth of the popularity of hearing aids and its corresponding technology. In our Bose Hearphones review, we have found out that the device offers a Wide Dynamic Range Compression used for sound amplification, a technology that is similar to what most hearing aids in the industry use. What sets it apart from other products is that a wearer has the option to hear music via live performance or have it streamed.
This Bose Hearphones review is also an eye opener for individuals who are looking for alternative hearing aids and the technology that comes along with it. Bose Hearphones gives users the ability to adjust volume separately on right and left ear. This device can also support hands-free phone calls so users don’t have to deal with cords or fiddle with the smartphone device control while on the go. While Bose hearphones may not be considered as a professional or expert device that can address severe types of hearing losses, it is a valuable high-tech addition to improve the quality of conversations for hard of hearing individuals.

Bose Hearphones Review: What Could Be Better

In our Bose hearphones review, we have noticed some could be betters starting with the fitting of the ear tips. Unlike custom fit hearing aids, the ear tips of Bose Hearphones are not as comfortable. The design also includes something to be worn around the neck so if you want something aesthetically appealing, this might be a selling turn off for you. In terms of battery life, Bose Hearphones review got a pretty lukewarm rating because it only promises 10 hours of playback. Battery life is a very important feature for people on the go so you better check this out if you are planning to get yourself a pair of Bose Hearphones.

Another ‘could be better’ that we have unveiled in our Bose Hearphones review is its feedback noise suppression. Plus, this device is also not recommended for outdoor usage and it has no autopilot so you would have to use a manual switch when the situation or environment changes. Another thing that you need to take note is that you cannot use Bose Hearphones when charging, which could pose as a slight inconvenience for some.

Bose Hearphones Review: Highlighting the App

In our Bose Hearphones review, we found the accompanying app of the device to be one of the best features that this device can offer. Most hearing aids in the market don’t really give its users the chance or freedom to adjust the software of the device and the users end up having to go to an audiologist in private practice should they need some adjustments to be made. Fortunately, Bose Hearphones gives the wearer the freedoms to adjust or customize the device based on their needs. However, as mentioned in the earlier part of this Bose Hearphones review, this device has no autopilot control which means that the device relies 100% on manual control which is quite the opposite of what most hearing aids in the market offer.

Bose Hearphones Review: Reliability and Maintenance Requirements

The life span of any type of device, whether it is wireless or wired, Bluetooth compatible or not, etc., will greatly depend on proper usage, care and maintenance of a user or wearer. That being said, the Bose Hearphones is expected to last for 2-3 years. As mentioned earlier in this Bose Hearphones review, the battery life of this device isn’t really impressive and as time goes by, you can also expect the battery life to shorten. Daily cleaning of ear tips to get rid of debris or wax is highly recommended. You can clean the ear tips by using mild soap and water. You can also choose to charge the battery every night. When the ear pieces become deformed or old, replacement may be necessary. Ear tips are usually sold at an affordable price, around $10 per pair.

Bose Hearphones Review: Overall Look and Aesthetics

If you are a fashionista or are simply very particular with the way you look, our Bose Hearphones review will be very honest with you – it doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing but if you are willing to overlook the design over function, then you’re good to go.

On the brighter side, wearing Bose Hearphones may also give off an impression that the wearer may either be a professional musician or an on-the-go TV host. However, if you are using it inside a church or a conference, you might be mistaken for someone who is streaming music instead of paying attention to the service or meeting.

Bose Hearphones Review: Is It Worth It?

We are putting this Bose Hearphones review out in the open because we want to help consumers make an informed purchase to help with their hearing needs. Priced at $499, the device is worth your money considering that it comes with warranty and offers impressive noise reduction features that can compete with other high end audio brands in the market such as Apple Inc., Sony, etc. If you need more information about the product, you can go to Bose official page or website.

Bose Hearphones Review: A Worthy Alternative to Hearing Aids

The Acoustic Noise Cancelling Technology of Bose Hearphones is the same with the technology found in Bose QuietControl 30 headphones. It offers an edge filtering unwanted noises in a noisy place. Bose Hearphones also come with two directional microphones in each earbud that helps wearers focus on the speech and voices that they want to hear while effectively filtering out unwanted noises. Plus, it is engineered with NFC and Bluetooth so wireless connection or pairing is very easy.

Another thing we discovered in this Bose Hearphones review is that the volume can be customized in such a way that you can listen to music or watch TV or a movie at home at your own preferred volume level, providing a whole new level of premium listening experience.

Bose Hearphones Review: Who qualifies for Bose Hearphones?

Bose Hearphones review reveal that the device is intended to support and amplify sound for individuals aged 18 years old and above with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss or hearing impairment. Bose Hearphones can be adjusted or customized by the patients themselves to meet the hearing needs accordingly. There is no hearing testing or pre-programming needed. If you think that you are suffering from severe or serious hearing loss, we would recommend that you see an audiologist first before purchasing over the counter headphones or hearing aid alternatives in stores. An audiologist would look beyond the marketing materials of a certain device and would be the best to give an opinion on what hearing device would fit your needs perfectly.

Bose Hearphones Review: Why Should You Go for a Bose Hearphone?

Bose headphones are known for their reputable track image in the audio industry. This Bose hearphones review made us realize that the company is testing the waters and is exploring more options to reach out to a wider range of consumers. Think of it as a pair of wireless conversation enhancing headphones. This device may not be really considered as a hearing aid but Bose Hearphones review have established that it provides users amplification of speech and conversations in front of them and reduces background noise for better hearing ability.

Bose Hearphones Review: Final Say

To conclude our Bose Hearphones review, the device is a worthy purchase with directional microphones and active noise cancelling features to effectively remove unwanted noise and focus more on human speech and conversations. Bose Hearphones are available on Amazon and may even be qualified for free shipping, just make sure to check the ongoing deals and offers for details.