With the 3M Worktunes, you get a great combination of hearing protection earmuffs and Bluetooth headphones that you can use to make phone calls or listen to music. For individuals who find themselves exposed to hearing protection in their line of work, the 3M Worktunes is an innovative product to check out.

When shopping for a hearing protection, you need to check out how a product can perform in open offices, coffee shops, etc. You also need to look into the comfort, noise attenuation, noise reduction, sound quality, battery life, weight and Bluetooth pairing and connectivity.

If you want to shop for a functional yet fun pair of hearing protection, the 3M Worktunes is a good choice. It has an integrated Bluetooth and mic support so users can listen to music wirelessly and make phone calls without needing to remove the headset. It is worth noting that the user still needs to get to a quiet environment to take calls because it’s not entirely noise cancelling.

Working with 3M Worktunes

A lot of people wear earbuds beneath their earmuffs to listen to their favorite song or podcast while doing some metal or wood work, mowing the lawn, etc. Question is, can the 3M Worktunes replace regular hearing protection earmuffs to inject some fun and entertainment while you work? Can the 3M Worktunes serve as an economical noise canceller for office workers, students, commuters who want to preserve their hearing in a noisy environment but don’t want to spend a big amount of cash for noise cancelling models?

3M Worktunes – Effective and Comfortable Technology

Overall, the 3M Worktunes are comfortable earmuffs with effective noise reduction technology. This pair of headphones has built-in Bluetooth and allows users to listen to audiobooks, podcast or music while protecting them from loud and harmful noise that can damage hearing. In our experience, there’s a slight difference with the sound quality of music compared to audio books; the sound quality of music is decent but with audio books, the 3M Worktunes sounds excellent. 

The 3M Worktunes can also be adjusted to fit small, medium and even large heads. The battery life of the 3M Worktunes is pretty impressive at 38 hours playback. They are also easy to pair with headphones and the controls work well. Speaking of controls, the 3M Worktunes don’t come with volume controls so you would need to use your mobile phone to adjust the volume. 

3M Worktunes Packaging

The manufacturer went pretty basic with the 3M Worktunes package, including only the 3M Worktunes themselves, a manual and a USB cable for charging. Basically, 3M only prepared the bare minimum design and technology for the Worktunes. If you need a 3.5mm cable for wired connection, you might want to check other items because the 3M Worktunes don’t have it.

3M Worktunes – Sound Quality

The sound quality of the 3M Worktunes is pretty decent, but don’t go expecting a high-fidelity listening experience. In an environment with moderate noise, the sound quality of the 3M Worktunes microphone still manages to give a clear background quality. Technically, the design of the microphone of the 3M Worktunes does not cancel out background noise so if you find yourself in one, you may have to switch off the machine or equipment, or go out of the room or work station to hold a decent conversation over the phone.

3M Worktunes Fit and Comfort

The force of the headband of the 3M Worktunes is significantly less than other earmuffs in the market, hence, it is safe to say that it provides a more comfortable fit. However, the 3M Worktunes lean on the heavy side at 350 grams, falling in the same weight category as the 3M Peltor. The weight is not really bothersome but this may pose an issue if you are going to use them for the whole day. In conclusion, the 3M Worktunes are a good buy, an affordable and cost-efficient product and a good alternative to noise cancelling headphones. The 3M Worktunes are great noise blockers and can even provide a performance that’s at par with noise cancelling headphones in the market.

While noise cancelling headphones work better against low frequency noise, the 3M Worktunes work better against mid-frequencies that offer better speech comprehension. The 3M Worktunes also have speakers so a user can play white noise and other masking noises to isolate themselves from loud sounds.